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Friday, 30 November 2012

Beauty Of The Day - Hot Millen Magese

Guys, take it eaaassssy, dont drool on the Millen Happiness Magese is a world-renown fashion model and humble humanitarian.  When she's not rocking the runways in Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa, the former Miss Tanzania can often be found lending her time, talents, and high energy to making a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate through her significant contributions to charities such as the Tanzania Education Trust, African Rainforest Conservancy, and the MacDella Cooper Foundation.
As a model, Ms. Magese is currently signed with Ford Models in NY, NY and Ice Model Management in Johannesburg, South Africa. Pick up any fashion magazine over the last several years and you are likely to see her as she has collaborated with many of the world's top designers and brands including Ralph Lauren, Karen Millen, Alphadi, African Mosiaque, David Tlale, Gavin Rajah, Sun Goddess, Stoned Cherrie, Thula Sindi , Malcolm Kluk , Suzan hen, Heni, Clive, Laquan Smith, Tarun Talhian, Priscilla, Deola Segoe, Tiffany Amber, Korto Momulu just to name few. She has appeared on the covers of Cosmopolitan, Ladybrielle, JCK (Ny), Uzuri, Bang, and Sawubona magazines and has been the subject of editorial features in Essence, True Love, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Opra, Marie Clare, Style, Glamour, and Wanted.
In addition to her work in print, Ms.

Magese has appeared on CNN and acted in Television commercials for big brands such as Coke Light, JC Le Roux, Allan Grey, Guinness Milk Stout, Edgars, and Vodacom. Her appearance on "Deal or No Deal" sealed her popularity around Africa.... You like?

Wow! Orezi's New tatoo

The fast rising pop singer, who brought you Booty Bounce, got the Tattoo while in South Africa two weeks ago for the Channel O Music Video Awards. You like?

Governor Fashola arrests policeman riding ‘okada’ on express road

Governor Fashola yesterday Thursday November 29th ordered the arrest of a policeman riding a motorcycle on Lagos/Abeokuta expressway.

The governor spotted the policeman when his convoy was passing on the Ikeja section of the expressway. Policemen in the governor's convoy effected the arrest and immediately whisked him away in their van.

Fashola later told newsmen that the arrest was to serve as a deterrent to those who felt that they were above the law and so could break the state's laws.

"There is no one above the law in the state. People who are not prepared to obey our laws should leave the state.

"There is no society where laws are not broken, but the state government would continue to increase its enforcement so that there will be high level of compliance", he said. (PM News)

Mary J Blige Sued Over $2.2million

Marj J Blige a.k.a "The Queen of Hip Hop soul" was sued with a lawsuit of over $2.2 million on November 28, 2012, claiming that she and her husband defaulted on a $2.2 million loan secured from Signature Bank.

According to the lawsuit, Mary J Blige and her husband, Kendu Isaacs defaulted on the loan in July, 2012, resulting in over $58,000 in interest, in a report that was filed at the New York State Supreme Court, Manhattan

Earlier this year, Mary J Blige and Steve Stoute's foundation for the Advancement of Women Now INC,was said to have  defaulted on a $250,000 loan as well.

Guess American Celebrities are used to defaulting loans and evading tax too. What do you think?

Former Nigerian Basket Ball Player Shot Dead in Texas

A former Nigerian national basketball player was shot dead in a botched burglary in Texas before Thanksgiving.Chinedu Onyeuku, 29, and another person allegedly tried to break into a residence on Rio Grande Street in Plano on November 21 and was shot and killed by the homeowner. His accomplice ran away without injury. Police are still trying to track the second burglar.

The Nigeria Basketball Federation posted a statement saying that the 29-year-old athlete played basketball for the team that qualified for the London 2012 Olympics. However, Onyeuku was not on the Olympic roster and did not actually compete.

The statement reads: '[His] passion for playing with D'Tigers was deep-seated and he will be greatly missed. The federation joins his family and team mates to mourn a departed son, father, husband and great patriot.'

Photos From Baileys Red Bow Nite

The Baileys Red Bow Nite event held last Saturday, Nov 24th 2012 at Four Points by Sheraton.

Obama Wearing A Crown Of Thorns, Christains What Do You Say?

Painted by New York artist, Michael D'Antuono,
the depiction dubbed 'The Truth' portrays President Obama wearing a
crown of thorns, extending his arms and looking down as Jesus Christ does in crucifix imagery. The painting is on display in Boston.

My Christain Brodaz and Sistas, What do you have to say about this? Does this bother you in anyway? Feel free to tell me...

General Muhammadu Buhari’s Daughter Dies From Sickle Cell Disease

Zulai Buhari, 40,  the first daughter of former Nigerian head of state, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) has died.
Ms. Buhari died earlier today from sickle cell anemia, a source  disclosed that she developed complications after having a baby two days ago  Chasel Hospital, private clinic in Ungwar Sarki area of Kaduna.
Yesterday she passed away despite effort to save her. However, the new born baby is healthy and doing well.
 Zulai's father General Buhari has been a candidate in several of Nigeria's presidential  elections. Sources close to him revealed news of his bereavement , they said Zulai will be buried yesterday according to islamic rites.

Exclusive New Looks Of Mo'Cheddah

Babes is looking finneeee

My Police Encounter And how I Became A Yahoo Boy

Any young person with any semblance of wealth/income was targeted by these guys. They had almost caught up with Honda Accord car when Mr. Detective realized there was little room in our vehicle. 'You no go settle us make we go catch another person?'.

Saturday mornings are quite a breeze. I usually wake up, have some quiet time, check up on social media and wait for the football games, if any, to get underway. Last week Saturday was different. It changed after I logged in on Twitter. A certain Kunle Bello had gone missing- taken by officers of the Nigerian Police. Being a former member of the famous Trybesmen, Kunle's story was always going to hit the headlines. Even though Kunle was confirmed to be relatively safe, his experience opened Pandora's box as everyone with a police horror tale showed up. Some were comical, some were scary, others were just plain horrific… and then I remembered mine.

Sometime in August I was casually walking to a Skye Bank branch in Ketu to make a deposit when a plain-clothes officer jumped in my face. 'My name is Detective Bla bla bla.. Can I meet you?'. 'Meet me for what?' And the next thing I knew, I was off the ground, blows landed on my back, my two-day old corrective glasses fell off my face and I was hauled into a waiting unmarked Volkswagen Golf car. Driver and Mr. Detective were in front and I was at the back, sandwiched between another detective and a uniformed officer armed with a Kalashnikov. Hell became real.

I had returned from a brief trip to New York only two-days before and had some dollars in my wallet, upon illegally searching me, the detective found it and termed me a 'yahoo boy'. My phone was picked up, my emails were scrutinized and when the detective saw mails from my 'oyinbo' friends asking if I'd returned safely, the 'Yahoo boy' tag was firmly in place. I knew it was going to be a rough, long ride.

Can I make a phone-call? I asked Mr. Detective..he looked at me, shook his head and said 'You don't know you're in trouble abi? We are taking you to Epe today today'. Even if he had given my phone back to me, making a phone-call was impossibility because as he was reading my mails, I heard a familiar beep on my Blackberry 9810- 'battery too low for radio use'. There I was, yahoo boy tag on my neck, 'evidence' in my wallet and phone, nerves ridiculously frayed, sore back from all the blows with no contact to the outside world and on my way a police cell on the outskirts of Lagos. Where's Double-0 Seven when you need him?

We had driven for two hours when they saw a Honda Accord car, driven by a young man, speed past them. Their scary looks turned to smiles of glee as the detective ordered the driver to chase the car and try to stop him. 'We go use am chop today'. And then it hit me, these guys had a stereotype profile in mind. Any young person with any semblance of wealth/income was targeted by these guys. They had almost caught up with Honda Accord car when Mr. Detective realized there was little room in our vehicle. 'You no go settle us make we go catch another person?'. My heart was about to read my rights and rant about how I was a law-abiding citizen who was not going to be bullied but my head told my heart to shut up.

I was in an unmarked vehicle with policemen who clearly did not care about the law, I was far from home and my phone was off – I was in no position to rant. He had my wallet, he knew I had N7,000 and the extra dollars. He took the N7,000, eyed the dollars but didn't take them and then handed me back my wallet. Transaction over.

They dropped me off a long way from home and resumed chasing the Honda Accord but not before asking, 'You get transport money go house?'

'Yomi Kazeem is amongst other things, a soccer pundit on radio and a young entrepreneur. His favourite words are: 'Up Nepa'. He tweets from @TheYomiKazeem

Tragic : ‘How my daughter’s fiancĂ© bathed her with acid’

The motive behind the acid bath of 22-year-old Chika Egbo by her estranged lover, David Sulaimon, remains elusive, but one thing is sure, the victim may not remain the same again.

Chika is a student of the Enugu State College of Education.

Last Tuesday, when our correspondent visited her at the Burns Unit of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, Egbo has become a shadow of the beautiful girl she was. The substance Sulaimon allegedly poured on her had destroyed every visible skin from her chest upwards.

She mumbled to her father, a Taraba State-based businessman, as she could neither see nor speak properly at the time.

When her father, Matthew Egbo, narrated the incident that led to Chika's state, the story brought tears to his eyes as he lamented that his daughter would never be normal again.

Matthew said, "In March 2011, someone who identified himself as Lekan Sulaimon called me, asking for my daughter's hand in marriage. We talked a lot and I promised to speak with Chika on the issue.
"My daughter later told me he was the boy she was in love with and said she had resolved to marry him."

After much discussion, Matthew told Sulaimon to bring his parents for proper introduction, but the suitor said his father was ill and needed to be taken abroad for treatment. He also said his mother was abroad.

Matthew said, "On the June 25 date that we agreed on, Sulaimon brought seven men and four women dressed in Yoruba attire to my hometown, Enugu, where we held the introduction.
"But around November last year, my wife travelled from Taraba to Enugu and Chika told her she was pregnant."

According to Matthew, Chika told her parents they should not be alarmed since she and Sulaiman had agreed to get married.

Chika was instructed to go to Lagos and tell Sulaiman's relations about the pregnancy.
But when she got back from Lagos, Chika told her father that she discovered that most of what Sulaiman had told her about his parents were lies.

Matthew explained, "For instance, Chika discovered that Sulaimon's father was hale and hearty. The father told her he was not aware of any plans by his son to get married.
"She also learnt that the mother was not abroad too. She visited her and she told us the woman received her well and even expressed joy that his son had found someone to marry.
"But after the visit, we heard nothing from neither Sulaimon nor his parents until after my daughter gave birth to a baby girl on May 4.

Our correspondent learnt that Chika had broached the idea of abortion to her parents, as she told them it was apparent that the man she was in love with had lied to her all along.
Matthew forbade her to consider abortion. After the baby was born, Chika was said to have informed Sulaimon, but he gave series of excuses why he could not visit her.
He reportedly told her he was facing some challenges and did not have the wherewithal to take care of the baby at the moment.

After a few months, Chika's baby girl was weaned and taken to Taraba to live with Matthew and his wife.

The Egbos said they took the decision to take the baby off their daughter's hands so that she could continue her study.
PUNCH Metro learnt that in November, Sulaimon began to request that he needed to see his baby, but Matthew told him to bring his parents to come and iron things out.

Chika was said to have insisted she did not want to have anything to do with the young man anymore.
But on November 5, Chika travelled to Lagos after Sulaimon had informed her that his mother wanted to see her. The unsuspecting girl left Enugu without informing her parents.
"My phone just rang that day and I was told to come to Lagos because a young man had poured acid on my daughter," Chika's father said.

Matthew said the message came as  a rude shock since he was not aware his daughter went to Lagos. He explained that the police were the ones who got his number from her phone.
He said,"What I learnt was that when she arrived Igando, Lagos, Sulaimon met her and she demanded that he should take her to his mother who wanted to see her.

"What we gathered from the little she could mumble to us was that Sulaimon went behind a house and as they were about to pick an okada to his mother's house, he brought out a polythene.
"But when they stopped at a point and Chika thought they were going to proceed to his mother's house, he just opened a container in the polythene he was carrying and emptied its content on her head.

"She told us when she realised that what Sulaimon poured on her had began eating into her skin, she raised the alarm and called for help."

PUNCH Metro learnt that passersby and sympathisers, who had been alerted to the young woman's plight, pursued the fleeing Sulaimon. He was caught and taken to Ikotun Police Station.
 "Till now, I still don't know why he did what he did," Matthew said.

Divisional Police Officer of Ikotun, Mr. Augustin Akika, confirmed the incident, but said the suspect had been transferred to the state Criminal Investigations Department, Yaba.

Source: PUNCH

Chris Brown Buys Rihanna A Rolex

Chris Brown is obviously splashing his cash on Rihanna after the couple, pair posted matching photos of new Rolex watches.

First Chris posted a photo of his impressive collection, with Rihanna posting a pic to her Instagram account of her brand new Rolly.


Thursday, 29 November 2012

Please leave my Friend Tony Okoroji alone – Patrick Doyle

On November 19, 2012, one of Nigeria's biggest daily newspapers, Vanguard, published an unreserved apology to my good friend, Chief Tony Okoroji, Chairman, Copyright Society of Nigeria(COSON). The apology is with respect to an article titled Onyeka Onwenu Explodes: Okoroji Must Account For N3m Of Essien-Igbokwe Burial Funds published in Vanguard Newspaper of October 14, 2011 and on the website of Vanguard Newspapers.

It will be recalled that the publication of Ms Onwenu's tirade against Chief Okoroji shortly after the burial of late Christy Essien-Igbokwe, caused enormous uproar across the country and beyond.

Chief Okoroji in his usual and time tested manner resorted to the courts for redress from the opprobrium the spurious allegations represented. It must be recalled that several other ill-informed individuals and even some publications have had their fingers burnt for libelling my friend in the past. Chief Okoroji in separate suits took Vanguard and Onyeka Onwenu to court for gross libel and defamation of character. Once again, Okoroji is vindicated.

I hope that the right lessons will be learned by the unequivocal and unreserved public apology to Chief Okoroji by Vanguard. When I went public to defend my friend, Chief Tony Okoroji, it was because I know the man, I know his values and I know that his integrity is unimpeachable. I know of no Nigerian who has worked as relentlessly and  given of himself so selflessly towards the progress of all creative people in our country. Even then more than a few cynics  called me out for standing by my friend.

Look at how he took a little known PMAN and in no time, turned it into one of the nation's most vibrant and richest associations. Everyone must ask: where is PMAN today? The agitators simply took over the association, fought over the money left by Okoroji, destroyed the association and turned it into a joke! Just look at what Okoroji has done with COSON in less than two and half years. It is truly nothing short of a miracle. Two years ago, no one had heard of COSON but in a few weeks COSON will be distributing one hundred million naira to musicians across the country. Last year, COSON similarly distributed several millions. Who else has done this for creative people in Nigeria? With other people, the money would have found its way into a Swiss bank account. Where are all those who swore that collective management of copyright would never work in Nigeria? Has Tony Okoroji not proved all of them wrong? Now, Okoroji is working hard towards setting up a major music foundation next year to take care of sick, old, indigent and talented young Nigerian musicians abandoned by the nation to fend for themselves. Have we read Tony Okoroji's internationally celebrated book, Copyright & the New Millionaires? The depth of the book defines the man.

The movie industry is today harnessing the talents of Chief Tony Okoroji to stop the bleeding in the industry. Tony Okoroji is Nigeria's undisputed no. 1 expert on the intricate subject of copyright, a subject which he continues to work on with so much passion. Without him, Nigeria probably would not have the copyright law we have today neither would the country have the Nigerian Copyright Commission. Please ask anyone who has worked with him in the on-going movie industry process about this man's incredible work ethic and ability to bring diverse people together for the public good. His work is very important for the future of a lot of young Nigerians and indeed the country. Please, will bad belle people find something to do and leave my friend alone?

One Good Turn Deserves Another -Woman to inherit $12.5 million from neighbour for being nice

A rich but lonely old lady has left her entire estate, worth $12.5 million to her neighbour, who bought her bread and milk and helped her manage her daily chores.

Betty Harris, who died aged 95 in 2009, chose to leave her estate to her neighbour in the millionaires enclave of Point Piper in Sydney after she felt her niece was trying to force her into a nursing home.

When Mrs Harris died, leaving her estate to neighbour Beatrice Gray, a bitterly fought legal battle ensued with Mrs Harris's niece in the Supreme Court.

Speaking from her Point Piper home this morning Mrs Gray told The Telegraph "I'm extremely grateful to Betty Harris".

She declined to comment further.

Property records show Mrs Harris' four-bedroom and six-garage home has been rented out since she died in 2009. Belle Property Double Bay is leasing the home for $2800 a week.

Prior to her death Mrs Harris said she wanted to leave her money to Mrs Gray and her husband Robert because they were not expecting it and she trusted them.
"The Grays would be surprised, (while) my family are waiting for me to die," Mrs Harris said.

"I am determined that my relatives after what they have put me through will not get one cent."

The court heard Mrs Harris lived alone, and had no close friends after her husband died in 1991. She was not close to any of her relatives and her only interest was horse racing.

In his ruling today, Justice Richard White found that Mrs Gray – a wealthy Sydney University academic and barrister – was entitled to the estate because Mrs Harris' will, written in April 2005 was valid.

Justice White rejected arguments by Mrs Harris's niece Coralie Hart that the will was invalid because Mrs Harris was deluded when she began thinking her greedy niece was trying to gain control of her fortune.

Mrs Harris had no children and was largely estranged from her nieces and nephews, telling hospital staff in 2005 that she had not spoken to them for 13 years, a court heard..

In 2005, shortly after she changed the will, Mrs Harris complained of her niece and nephews "they all want their bit of money". The court heard she complained her nephews were " a pretty pathetic lot" and called another niece, Anne Nickolls a "b***h".

Mrs Nickolls said that Mrs Harris had always "sworn like a trooper".

Justice White found that there was "no doubt" that Mrs Harris had "some degree of cognitive impairment" but she was still capable of signing a will.

An earlier will – written in 1996 – had left the entire estate to Mrs Hart, but Mrs Harris revoked it after she became "angry" with Mrs Hart who wanted to put her in a nursing home and appoint a legal guardian to take control of her finances, a court heard.

Mrs Hart applied for control over Mrs Harris's affairs when Mrs Harris became ill in 2005. Justice White found Mrs Hart applied for control in order to "protect her inheritance".

"She was suspicious that Mr and Mrs Gray would attempt to take control of Mrs Harris' finances," Justice White found.

During a stay in hospital, a geriatric doctor had diagnosed Mrs Harris as suffering from "moderately severe dementia" .

The court heard that Mrs Harris was "humiliated" at losing her independence and having to ask for money from a financial manager, appointed by the Guardianship Tribunal in 2005.

During this time Mrs Harris borrowed money from Mrs Gray and her then husband Robert.

The Gray's lived next door to Mrs Harris in Wyuna Road, Point Piper for 33 years, until she died on September 17, 2009 aged 95, a court heard..

The Grays helped Mrs Harris pay her bills, organise her car registration and the reinvestment of her money Mrs Gray's late husband also helped Mrs Harris to replace light bulbs and wheel out her recycling bin.

The couple also checked on Mrs Harris's house to make sure she had not been robbed, and they kept a spare key for Mrs Harris.

Mrs Harris was the widow of Keith Harris, a former vice chair of the Sydney Turf Club and a horse breeder who was jailed in 1987 for a conspiracy to bribe the Corrective Services Minister, Rex "Buckets" Jackson, over a prisoners' early release, a court heard.

Keith Harris made his fortune making radios and televisions.

Source - Daily Telegraph

Fraud : Delta Tourism Commissioner, Mofe Damijo And Acting Tourism GM Accused Of Embezzling N50 Million

RMD and Mrs. Philo Ajufo
By SaharaReporters, New York
Delta State Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Richard Mofe Damijo (popularly called RMD) and the acting General Manager of the state's Tourism Board, Philo Nkem Ajufo, have allegedly embezzled N50 million belonging to the ministry.
Several sources in Delta State, including two employees of the Culture Ministry, told our reporter that a former commissioner in the Ministry had requested N50 million to organize the "Delta State Expo 2007." However, the state government was unable to release the funds that particular year to sponsor the yearly event.
By some bizarre twist, the funds were finally released to the ministry's tourism account in May, 2012. "As soon as the money arrived, the commissioner said that the ministry could no longer hold the event since six years had elapsed," said a source within the ministry. "The Honorable Commissioners also argued that Deltans would have forgotten about the event – and therefore the money should not be used for the purpose it was released."
However, our reporter obtained documents from the Delta State Ministry of Finance stipulating that the N50 million must be spent on the event for which the Culture Ministry applied for it. The warrant was signed by one P.O. Evuojapha on behalf of the Commissioner of Finance. The warrant indicated that N35 million of the funds was to go to the Tourism Board.
Our sources disclosed that Mr. Damijo, a former popular Nollywood actor turned politician, connived to issue a check of N35 million in the name of Ms. Ajufo who reportedly deposited the sum into her First Bank private account number 3006131619. "Mrs. Ajufo and RMD then shared the money," one of our sources asserted.
Another government source told SaharaReporters, "It is very obvious that the manner the check was issued in the name of the board GM instead of in the name of the board was fraudulent. It portrays an element of fraud."
Several of our sources depicted Ms. Ajufo as somebody versed in the art of warming up to top politicians in the state and getting her way.
Two sources said Ms. Ajufo used her share of the looted funds to start off a twin duplex building located at No.6 Dunkwu Crescent in Asaba, the state capital. The building is behind Junior Staff quarters and near a Redeemed Christian Church. One source said Ms. Ajufo had started the project in June, 2012.
A source close to Ms. Ajufo told SaharaReporters that the head of the tourism board had denied receiving any of the embezzled funds. "She accused Mr. Mofe Damijo of carting away the whole sum of N50 million even when her account was used to commit the fraud," said the source.
Meanwhile, Ms. Ajufo's staff have reportedly lost all patience with her manner of running the board. "The acting GM is very, very corrupt," said a staffer. "As we talk, apart from her official car, the Tourism Board cannot boast of a single functional car. All the board's cars are grounded. And in this era of technology, there is no single working computer apart from one in her office – which she doesn't use. Her office is entitled to N1 million subventions every month, but as soon as the money comes the commissioner and the GM share most of it. The left over is never properly used by the GM."
A source who was on the GM's entourage to the Akwaba Festival in Lagos last October told SaharaReporters that Ms. Ajufo embezzled some funds meant to secure an exhibition stand at the festival. "The GM collected N500, 000 from the government to procure an exhibition stand for Delta State at the Akwaba Festival held in Lagos in October, 2012. Instead, she pocked the sum of N300, 000 and went for an ordinary table stand which cost her N200, 000 only. She is the most corrupt of all the GMs we have ever worked with in that board. She runs fraudulent deals with the commissioner and they have both amassed wealth for themselves to the detriment of the people of Delta State."
When a reporter sent a text to Ms. Ajufo, the embattled GM wrote back, "Please, speak with the Honorable Commissioner for Culture and Tourism. Thank you."
Contacted by phone, Mr. Damijo denied all the allegations, insisting that no such money was released to his ministry at any time. "That matter is a dead matter," he said. "There was no N50 million released to my ministry." I run the Ministry with people, the Permanent Secretary and other directors."

K-Solo Says He Never Denied His Baby From His Ex-Wife Kike

The fact that I divorced Kike doesn't mean I denounced the baby. You can take the wife of a lazy man but not his child. When he grows up he will identify his father. I never said it's not my baby and I don't know why people actually said so, maybe because she didn't bring the baby to me when he was delivered. I impregnated her, though a lot of fornication might have gone on during the pregnancy. I know my love and she (Kike) is just a baby mama. 
The ex-couple welcomed a son on October 26th. Two days later, K-solo's management released the statement you see above. Now he says he never denied the baby. K-solo, you are confused!

10 Signs To Know If A Man Is Really Into You At A Party/Gathering

I know this might sound a little weird, but the truth is lots of people attend events and parties to meet people. People here might mean a friend, business partner, date or even future spouse. . Yes it is true. So lots of women are going to identify with this post. Theses are all tried and proven tips with which to ascertain a man's interest in a woman at a gathering, bar, restaurant, club, party, etc.
Now the reason the man's interested in you is indecipherable with just this article. It is for you to find out. If his interest is for the night, the moment, the week, month……or forever. That my dear angels lie within you and the fates. So let's go: *tongueOut*

1.  He'll be looking at you….and keep looking at you. He'll also be sizing you up and checking out your body. (forget all that bull about how when a man really likes you, he looks at just your face, you aren't just a face, you are a total person, with a neck, breasts, waist, legs, hips, curves – or not) His eyes will take a journey over your body stopping ever so slightly at the most attractive places.
2.  He'll raise his eyebrows for about a quarter of a second and they'll go up and down (the eyebrow flash) He's subconsciously making his eyes wider and brighter to be more appealing to you. If they widen for up to a second, he definitely LIKES you.
3.  His lips will part – slightly for just a moment – and his nostrils may flare when you look back at him. Bingo, he's open to you.
4.  He starts preening (eg: smoothing his hair, straightening his tie, pulling up his tie) to make himself look more flattering to your eye. He WANTS to be attractive to you. Standing straighter or if he's seating, he'll stop slouching and sit up, etc.
5.  He sets himself apart from a group of friends or acquaintances to make himself more accessible to you. He wants no distractions when your paths collide.

6.  He starts moving around, subtly or in an exaggerated manner,  to catch your attention. Hey girlie- read the memo.
7. He starts fiddling with the stem of his glass, rubbing his cheeks or chin, generally projecting an auto-erotic touching signal. He is subconsciously thinking about touching you (And before you all go into a flux about how that means he just wants to sleep with you, think about how you feel when you see Trey Songz, Tyrese, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp sometimes, don't you just want to touch their face, hair, lips, okbye Aha-so there! )
8.  He'll offer to lend you his sweater or jacket, forget about chivalry, this gesture is a subconscious and instinctive masculine move. It is an ownership and protective gesture, the piece of clothing has his scent, now it's imprinted on yours and you can leave lingering traces of yours too.
9.  He'll be taking each and every chance of making contact with you – and that is a direct contrast to groping or fiddling with your body parts- When you are both walking together he might guide you by placing his hands on your elbow or on the small of your back.
10.  Give him a chance if you like him back and watch out for the next series on how to conduct yourself in a manner to make him fall in love with you.

Cool Fm Freeze names D’banj, 2face, Psquare, Davido, Wizkid, Ice Prince as top Nigerian Nigerian acts

The COOL FM OAP was a guest of UK's Factory 78 and was asked to give his list of 'Top 5 Nigerian Artistes'. Freeze gave an interesting list mentioning the likes of D'banj, 2face, Psquare, Davido, Wizkid, Ice Prince.

University Of Lagos Ranked 9th Best University

A new ranking has been released by, and University of Lagos is the 9th best University in Africa. Cairo University is the still the best University in Africa.

See the top 10 best Universities in Africa below...
1. Cairo University – Egypt
2. American University in Cairo – Egypt
3. Mansoura University – Egypt
4. Makerere University – Uganda
5. University of Nairobi – Kenya
6. University of Dar es Salaam – Tanzania
7. University of Botswana – Botswana
8. University of Ghana – Ghana
9. University of Lagos – Nigeria
10. Ashesi University – Ghana

Upcoming Musician, Elvis Grey Beaten By Unknown Men

Elvis Grey is an upcoming artiste. We learnt he went to perform somewhere and sang his song 'Damilola' with a particular lady on stage. After the performance, it was alleged that some cult guys took him away and gave him the beating of his life because the lady was dating one of them. Watch the video carefully. Do you think he was actually beaten?

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

2012 Ghana Movie Awards! Full Nominees List Right Here

Nominees for the 2012 Ghana Movie Awards have been announced. The nominees were announced at a launch, which took place in Accra on Monday (November 26, 2012).  The award ceremony comes up on December 2, 2012, at the Accra International Centre. Following is the full list of nominees. 

1. Best Actor in a Lead Role (English Language)

Van Vicker – Joni Waka
John Dumelo – Queen Latifa
Prince David Osei – Off The Hook
Kofi Adjorlolo – Wipe My Tears
Ekow Blankson – Secret Burden
2. Best Actress in a Lead Role (English Language)

Yvonne Nelson – Single & Married
Martha Ankomah – Tears of a Smile
Jackie Appiah – Grooms Bride
Nana Akua Addo – Wanna Be
Yvonne Okoro – 3 Some
Nadia Buari – Rain
3. Best Actor in a Lead Role (Local Language)

Akwesi Boadi – Osofa Mafia
Farida Mohammed – Gobana
Kofi Adu – Agya Koo Trotro Driver
Isaac Amoako – Saman Mogya
Kwaku Manu – Area Boys
4. Best Actress in a Lead Role (Local Language)

Nana Ama Mcbrown – Nyankonton
Vivian Jill – My Story
Linda Abbey – Saman Mogya
Tracy Boakye – Oh Vera
Mercy Asiedu – Baby Face
5. Best Actor in a Support Role (English Language)

Adjetey Annan – Rain
Majid Michel – Grooms Bride
Rahim Banda – Wipe My Tears
Edward Agyekum Kufuor – Tears Of A Smile
Frank Artus – The Game
Chris Attoh – Single & Married
6. Best Actress in a Support Role (English Language)

Kalsum Sinare – 3 Some
Anita Erskine – Single & Married
Linda Awuku – Wanna Be
Lydia Forson – In The Cupboard
Christabel Ekeh – Wrong Target
Nikki Samonas – Queen Latifa
7. Best Actor in a Support Role (Local Language)

Apostle John Prah – Osofo Mafia
Kojo Nkansah – Kweku Saman
Samuel Ofori – Oh Vera
Bernard Opoku – Police Officer
Ebenezer Donkoh – B14
8. Best Actress in a Support Role (Local Language)

Naana Hayford – Odo Ntentan
Fatima Osman – Gobana
Rose Mensah – Fathia Fata Nkrumah
Emelia Brobbey – My Story
Matilda Asare – Ghana Police
Ellen White – Saman Mogya
9. Best Actor (African Collaboration)

Kalu Keagwu – Shadow In The Dark
Ramsey Nouah – Hotel Babylon
Alex Usifo – Off The Hook
Uti Nwachukwu – In The Cupboard
Yemi Blaq – The Search
Alex Ekubo – Lovelorn
10. Best Actress (African Collaboration)

Ini Edo – In The Cupboard
Patience Ozokwo – Untamed
Rukky Sanda – The Search
Nse Ikpe-Etim – The Search
Tonto Dikeh – Lovelorn
Mercy Johnson – Wild Target
11. Best Picture – African Collaboration

Desmond Elliot & Caroline Danjuma – In The Cupboard
Yvonne Nelson – Single & Married
Abdul Sallam – Grooms Bride
Andy Boyo – Untamed
Kobi Rana – Hotel Babylon
12. Best Picture

Joni Waka – Van Vicker & Dr. Clarice Kulah-Ford
Grooms Bride – Abdul Sallam
Single & Married – Yvonne Nelson
Trap In The Game – Frank Rajah Arase
Ghana Police – Eugene Morrat
Hotel Babylon – Kobi Rana
Secret Burden – Sellasie Ibrahim
Wanna Be – Edmund Quarshie & Michael Odeka
13. Best Cinematography

Single & Married – Kwame Awuah
Hotel Babylon – Kobi Rana
Joni Waka – Van Vicker
Area Boys – Kwame Agyeman
Grooms Bride – Adams Umar
14. Best Editing

Grooms Bride – Enoch Opoku
Hotel Babylon – Kobi Rana
Single & Married – Ebenezer Sowatey
B14 – Ninja
Wanna Be – Afra Marley
15. Best Costume and Wardrobe

Queen Latifa – Mabel Germain
Ghana Police – Monica Agboli & Nicolas Nsiah
Return Of The Bukom Lion – De She Collections
Fathia Fata Nkrumah – George Atobrah
Grooms Bride – Samira Yakubu
Secret Burden – Smarttys Management
16. Best Art Direction

Return Of The Bukom Lion
Production Design: SHE Quartey
Set Decoration: Richard Quartey
Fathia Fata Nkrumah
Production Design: Jude Odoh,
Set Decoration: Bismark Gyamera
Production Design: DJ Varga
S et Decoration: DJ Varga
Ghana Police
Production Design: Jones Agyeman
Set Decoration: James Akwasi Wiafe 
Single & Married
Production Design: Pascal Amanfo
Set Decoration: Bismark Nii Odoi
Secret Burden
Production Design: John Izedonmi
Set Decoration: Fusani Mamudu
17. Best Music (Original Song)

Azonto Ghost – Bessa
Destiny's Child – Wilhelmina Abu Andani (Mimi)
Single & Married – Abraham Affaine
Wrong Target – Samuel Sarpong
Fathia Fata Nkrumah – Adu Patrick
18. Best Directing (English Language)

Single & Married – Pascal Amanfo
Grooms Bride – Frank Rajah Arase
Queen Latifa – Kensteve Anuka
In The Cupboard – Desmond Elliot
Hotel Babylon – Kobi Rana

Funke Akindele as Final Judge For MTV base VJ

Popular Nollywood actress, writer, producer and director, Funke Akindele (@funkeakindele) has been revealed as the final judge for the MTV Base VJ Search – Nigeria.

Entertainment industry veteran Akindele, who recently featured on the cover of Genevieve magazine, will join previously announced judges, Banky W, Toolz and Tim Horwood to select the brand new VJ.  The lucky winner of the talent search will become one of the key faces of the music network, hosting programmes on MTV Base (DStv Channel 322) and on the MTV Base block on STV.

Serial Murderer Arrested!

The Lagos State Police Command has apprehended Ibrahim Balogun, a 25-year-old man accused of perpetrating a series of murders in Somolu, Bariga and Fadeyi in the state.

PUNCH Metro had reported on June 25, 2012, that Balogun also known as Small Jpron, was declared wanted following a gang-related violence between Shaggy Boys and Downtown Boys which left at least five people dead in Ilaje, Bariga.

Balogun, who also goes by the pseudonym, Asarailu, which means death in Arabic, is said to be the deputy gang leader of Downtown Boys and a member of a sect, Eiye Confraternity also known as EFCC Boys.

PUNCH Metro learnt that Balogun was arrested on Bawahala Street near Pedro Police Station on Saturday.

A reliable police source narrated the circumstances that led to Balogun's arrest to our correspondent.
He said, "On Friday, around 11:30am, Yusuf Adebowale, a resident of Somolu, took a commercial motorcycle to FirstBank branch in Fadeyi to withdraw N100, 000. As he was withdrawing the money from ATM, the okada rider, later identified as Dare, informed Balogun and his gang.

"As Adebowale left the bank, just a few metres away, Balogun and three other gang members attacked  him and stole the money, phone and a wristwatch.

"Adebowale reported the matter at Onipanu Police Station and also told youths in the area about his ordeal. Less than an hour later, Dare, the okada rider, was apprehended by residents and taken to the  police station where he confessed.

"Later that night, he led us to Balogun's hideout but Balogun was not around. One of the policemen, identified as Abu, however released Dare without authorisation."

Our correspondent learnt that the following day, around 11:30am, Balogun and four others allegedly went to rob residents of Bawahala Street and a woman alerted the police.

The police source said, "In broad daylight, Balogun and four gang members, heavily armed, went to rob. We received a distress call and policemen headed by Inspector Smart, rushed down to the scene.
"The four others escaped but Balogun was arrested and taken to Pedro Police Station where he identified himself as Ibrahim Oriyomi Folarin."

Our correspondent learnt that the policemen could not identify Balogun even though the police had declared him wanted. However, scores of residents stormed the police station and quickly identified him.

It was learnt that there was pandemonium at the station as residents who had fallen victims to Balogun and his gang asked the police to hand him over.
Youths in the area were said to have brought a tyre and petrol which they threatened to set the suspect ablaze.

But the Special Anti-Robbery Squad took Balogun away and this restored normalcy to the station.
When contacted, the spokesperson for the state police command, Ngozi Braide, confirmed the incident to our correspondent on the telephone.

She said Balogun had been on police wanted list for a long time.
"I just spoke to the officer in charge of SARS and he confirmed the incident to me. He said the suspect (Balogun) is accused of murders, attempted murders and robberies," she said.

Culled from PUNCH

D'banj's Sister Sets To Marry Dotun Cool Fm

On air personality with Cool Fm, Dotun Ojuolape is in a love relationship with D'banj's younger sister, Taiwo Oyebanjo. The couple have been dating for a while now. And marriage might soon be their next plan. Taiwo used to be Mo'Hits accountant who now owns a boutique on the Island.

Love nwatiti

Atiku Kneels Down For Obasanjo

Atiku and Obasanjo, who served as vice president and president of Nigeria respectively, between 1999-2007, had an estranged relationship during the last lap of their second term in office.

Both men were among a retinue of VIPs invited to the opening of the week long Comptroller-Generals' conference held at the newly inaugurated auditorium of Katsina State University.
Obasanjo, who arrived ahead of Atiku, was seated next to second republic President Shehu Shagari and the Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade.
Atiku, who arrived nearly 40-minutes after his former boss, first greeted the Emir of Gwandu, Alhaji Muhammad Iliyasu, Emir of Katsina, Dr. Abdulmimini Usman, the Ooni and Shagari who were seated at the podium.
When he got to Obasanjo, the former Vice President knelt down and bowed his head to greet his former boss.
The delighted crowd followed the mild drama with a loud applause and cheers.
A man who sat opposite the VIP podium raised his two hands up and shouted "Alleluia".
Earlier, Vice President Namadi Sambo who represented President Goodluck Jonathan had inaugurated the 1,500 capacity auditorium of the Katsina State University, venue of the conference.
Two former heads of state, top traditional rulers from different geo-political zones in Nigeria, former Comptroller-Generals of Customs and Customs chiefs from Africa attended the opening event.
Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal delivered a goodwill message, where he challenged the Customs to go beyond its "statutory role" of combating smuggling of goods.
Tambuwal listed other roles of the service to include revenue collection, trade facilitation and border protection.
He urged the service to collaborate with other relevant agencies in the country to improve their services.
He pledged that the National Assembly would support the ongoing review of the Customs and Excise Management Act (CEMA) to enable the service discharge its function optimally.
The theme of this year's annual Comptroller-General's conference is "Border Divide, Customs Connects."

Tiwa Savage, Omotola, Monalisa, Toyin Lawani and other Gorgeous Ladies At Eloy Awards

The Exquisite Ladies of the Year Award held on Sunday November 24th at Posh Centre Lagos

ELOY 2012 Winners
Female Photographer of the year- Yetunde Ayeni-Babaeko
Female TV Presenter of the year- Helen Paul
Female On-Air-Personality of the year- Kayla Oniwo
Female Fashion Designer of the year- Kenny Okorie of Keto Couture
Make-up Artist of the year- Lola Maja-Okojevoh
Stylist of the year- Lucy Phil-Ebosie
Actress of the year- Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde(Ties that Bind)
Female Brand Ambassador of the year- Stephanie Linus
Female Producer of the year- Emem Isong(I'll Take my Chances)
Sportswoman of the year-Blessing Okagbare & Esther Onyema
Beauty Brand of the year- Sleek
Food Manufacturing Company of the year- Dufill Limited(Manufacturers of Indomie Noodles)
Entrepreneur of the year- Honourable Chief Mrs Oluremi Dangaji, CEO APlus Model Agency, Zakamfa Travel & Tourism, APlus Record Label, APlus Entertainment.
Female banker of the year- Mrs Marian Abubakar, Regional Manager, Eko Bank South-South

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

PHOTOS - D’banj & K-Switch Party In Style at Rivonia in Johannesburg

Hey everyone, remember I once featured D'banj on our celeb style review where I said he is giving us a run for our money with his dress sense these days!! Nigerian's fav music act did it again while partying at Club Avastar Rivonia in Johannesburg, South Africa with his brother K-switch.

Rocking his signature shades and dapper in a blue suit, D’banj surely showed the South Africans how to party. It’s no brainer what song the superstar performed as on Monday 19th November 2012, he wrote on his Twitter page “On my way to @avastarclub Rivonia rd. SA we celebrating and partying tonight. OoooSssHhhEee. Kokolets Toh Badddd… Lets LEBETE and LABATA”See more photos after the cut.


Basketmouth And Toolz To Host 2012 Fab Awards[Full list of Nominees]

FAB Magazine is set to host their annual award show, FAB Night Out, which will take place on Sunday, December 2, 2012 at Landmark Village, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Designers set to hit the runway include Mai Atafo Inspired, Asake Oge and Ghana's Christie Brown and there will be performances from Darey, eldee, Brymo, Zaina & many more

To host this year's award ceremony are popular comedian, Basketmouth and radio personality Tolu Oniru aka Toolz.

See full list of nominees below.

FAB 2012 Nominations List
Designer of the Year (West Africa)

Jewel by Lisa
Tiffany Amber
Christie Brown
Buki Akib
House of Nwocha
Designer of the Year (South Africa)

David Tlale
Thula Sindi
Clinton Lotter
Gavin Rajah
Abigail Betz
Model of the Year (Female)

Ojy Okpe
Emmanuella Chika
Imade Ogbewi
Bunmi Ademokoya
Model of the Year (Male)

Francis Nwodu (Chinko)
Bryan Okwara
Kingsley Ushie
Victor Kwen
Fashion Brand of the Year

Mai Atafo
David Wej
Jewel by Lisa
Lifestyle Brand of the Year

The Life House
The Play Group
Online Publication of the Year
Most Stylish Artist (Male)

Naeto C
Ice Prince
Most Stylish Artist (Female)

Tiwa Savage
Sasha P
Most Stylish Actor (Male)

Gideon Okeke
Ramsey Nouah
Mike Ezeronye
Joseph Benjamin
Chris Attoh
Most Stylish Actor (Female)

Genevieve Nnaji
Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde
Rita Dominic
Beverly Naya
Nse Ikpe Etim
TV Show of the Year

Project Fame
Big Friday Show
Nigerian Idol
Ultimate Search
TV Presenter of the Year

Yvonne "Vixen" Ekwere
Eku Edewor/Dolapo Oni
Adams Ibrahim
Frank Edoho
Joseph Benjamin/Adora Oleh
Radio Station of the Year

Beat 99.9FM
Inspiration 92.3FM
Wazobia 95.1FM
Traffic Radio 96.1FM
Top Radio 90.9FM
On Air Personality of the Year

Tolu "Toolz" Oniru
Wana Udobang
Steve "Yaw" Onu
Tosyn Bucknor
Olisa Adibua
Restaurant of the Year

Orchid Bistro
Paris Deli
Yellow Chilli
Pattaya Restaurant
Level 7
Bar of the Year

Sip Bar
Reeds Bar and Lounge
Soul Lounge
Likwid Lounge
Ediz Wine Bar
DJ of the Year

DJ Caise
DJ Humility
DJ Neptune
DJ Jimmy Jatt
DJ Xclusive
Club of the Year

Auto Lounge
DV8 Lounge
Hotel of the Year

Radisson blu
Federal Palace Hotel and Casino
Four Points by Sheraton
Southern Sun
WheatBaker Hotel
Fashion Writer of the Year

Ono Bello
Fatima Garba
Ijeoma Ndekwu
Ezinne Chinkata
Funmi Ibiyode
Fashion Stylist of the Year

Crystal Deroche
Ebun Aboderin
Dimeji Alara
Bolaji Animashuan
Veronica Ebie-Odeka
Make-Up Artist of the Year

Lola Maja-Okojevoh
Seun Omisesa
David Onyedike
Banke Meshida-Lawal
Jide Adedeji
Fashion Photographer of the Year

Reze Bonna
Hakeem Salaam
Kelechi Amadi-Obi
Yetunde Babaeko
Obi Somto
Hair Stylist of the Year

Ugo Igbokwe
Rita Idehen
Debola Falana
Shola Laditi
Banke Meshida-Lawal
Car of the Year

Porsche Panamera
Range Rover Evoque
Merceded Benz S Class
Toyota Landcruiser

Director General Of Privatization Agency Has Been Fired!!

The Federal Government has sacked, with immediate effect, the Director General (DG) of the Bureau for Public Enterprises, Bolanle Onogoruwa, directing her to hand over to Benjamin Ezra Dikki, the most Senior Director in the Bureau.
Mr. Dikki will hold the position in an acting capacity.
The changes were contained in a statement signed by the Senior Special Assistant (Media and Publicity) to the Vice President, Umar Sani.
The Senate had ceased to recognize Mrs. Onagoruwa as DG, and called for her removal for alleged wrongdoings.
It is not yet clear if the government will also remove Mrs Aruma Oteh, the DG of the Securities and Exchange Commission, whose removal has also been demanded by the House of Representatives.

Omo Naija Will Always Be Omo Naija!

Pictures above shows people hanging from a moving train around the Pen Cinema Agege area. Train coming from Agbado, crossing through Pen Cinema to Yaba, Iddo. They amaze me though.

What you missed