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Thursday, 29 November 2012

10 Signs To Know If A Man Is Really Into You At A Party/Gathering

I know this might sound a little weird, but the truth is lots of people attend events and parties to meet people. People here might mean a friend, business partner, date or even future spouse. . Yes it is true. So lots of women are going to identify with this post. Theses are all tried and proven tips with which to ascertain a man's interest in a woman at a gathering, bar, restaurant, club, party, etc.
Now the reason the man's interested in you is indecipherable with just this article. It is for you to find out. If his interest is for the night, the moment, the week, month……or forever. That my dear angels lie within you and the fates. So let's go: *tongueOut*

1.  He'll be looking at you….and keep looking at you. He'll also be sizing you up and checking out your body. (forget all that bull about how when a man really likes you, he looks at just your face, you aren't just a face, you are a total person, with a neck, breasts, waist, legs, hips, curves – or not) His eyes will take a journey over your body stopping ever so slightly at the most attractive places.
2.  He'll raise his eyebrows for about a quarter of a second and they'll go up and down (the eyebrow flash) He's subconsciously making his eyes wider and brighter to be more appealing to you. If they widen for up to a second, he definitely LIKES you.
3.  His lips will part – slightly for just a moment – and his nostrils may flare when you look back at him. Bingo, he's open to you.
4.  He starts preening (eg: smoothing his hair, straightening his tie, pulling up his tie) to make himself look more flattering to your eye. He WANTS to be attractive to you. Standing straighter or if he's seating, he'll stop slouching and sit up, etc.
5.  He sets himself apart from a group of friends or acquaintances to make himself more accessible to you. He wants no distractions when your paths collide.

6.  He starts moving around, subtly or in an exaggerated manner,  to catch your attention. Hey girlie- read the memo.
7. He starts fiddling with the stem of his glass, rubbing his cheeks or chin, generally projecting an auto-erotic touching signal. He is subconsciously thinking about touching you (And before you all go into a flux about how that means he just wants to sleep with you, think about how you feel when you see Trey Songz, Tyrese, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp sometimes, don't you just want to touch their face, hair, lips, okbye Aha-so there! )
8.  He'll offer to lend you his sweater or jacket, forget about chivalry, this gesture is a subconscious and instinctive masculine move. It is an ownership and protective gesture, the piece of clothing has his scent, now it's imprinted on yours and you can leave lingering traces of yours too.
9.  He'll be taking each and every chance of making contact with you – and that is a direct contrast to groping or fiddling with your body parts- When you are both walking together he might guide you by placing his hands on your elbow or on the small of your back.
10.  Give him a chance if you like him back and watch out for the next series on how to conduct yourself in a manner to make him fall in love with you.

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