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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Photo Of The Day: Weird Mc In The Kitchen Cooking Some Tasty Stuffs

Hahahaha! I spotted weird Mc in the kitchen cooking rice.. Lol. Hear what she had to say..

WEIRD MC: It has to be rice, I loveee rice and mixed veg, fried plantain and boneless/ skinless chicken. Its what I cooked*laughter* .... I used to watch my mum, She'd make me stay in the kitchen and watch.
You know our are very traditional. First attempt was errrr! It was messy but not all that bad although I ate it all by myself.

I Don't Like That Boy Called D'banj, He Sold His Soul To The Devil - Majek Fashek

'I like Wizkid and 2face, they play good music'I don't like that other boy called D'banj, those ones that went to join Illuminati. How can you go and sell your soul to the devil because you want to be famous. I don't even like his music anyway'

Hilarious! 50 Cent Reacts To Rick Ross Drive By Shooting

Following Rick Ross' drive by shooting yesterday, rapper 50 cent, known to have a long time feud with Rick Ross has taken to micro blogging site twitter to react to the incident.
After looking at the instagram pics of the car, 50 cent tweeted: 
'Hahaha Fat boy was spooked....'
And he continued:
Hahaha fat boy hit the building? Lol it looks staged to me.  No hole's in da car.'
 However, contrary to 50's tweets, newly released photos show bullet holes in the tires, bumper and lights of the car, which Ross crashed into an apartment building as he attempted to flea the scene.
Police have also confirmed that they are treating the shooting as an 'an active and ongoing criminal investigation'.
It will be recalled that the shooting happened as Rick and his girlfriend drove home in the early hours of Monday morning following Ross' 37th birthday at the Miami nightclub LIV.
Cant all these black rappers just squash the beef and live in peace? *smh*

OF Windows phone OS and burgeoning Lumia sales! Is Nokia Set For A Come Back?

There was a time when Nokia was king of the mobile phone industry. A time not too long ago when one in every five mobile phones sold was a Nokia phone. That time is gone now. You see Nokia got too complacent and rested on its oars. They failed to do the most important thing required to continue to be relevant in the mobile phone industry; they failed to innovate.

They let the ball drop and they are paying dearly for it. Now the fastest selling phones belong to Apple and Google, with the former moving 48.7 million units (6 per second) in the last quarter alone, compared to Nokia which managed to sell only 6.6 million units within the same time frame.

Still we fondly remember a time when Nokia was king. A time when if you didn't have a Nokia 3310 you hadn't arrived. Remember the Nokia 1100 and N95? Those phones were rock solid! Boasting impressive battery life and durability. O jabo, ko le fo lai lai. We fondly remember a time when Snake and Bounce were the most exciting games to play on a mobile phone.

Fast forward to 2013, Nokia is struggling and Apple is the reigning king. Nokia's stock is down to $4 from $40 in the space of two years. It made a loss of $1.5 billion in 2011 and only managed to post a profit of $585 million in Q4 of 2012.

However, Nokia is taking steps for a huge come back. It recently adopted Microsoft's Windows Phones OS as its primary OS and just announced that is abandoning its in-house OS, Symbian. They confirmed that their Pureview 808 will be the last release sporting the increasingly outdated Symbian OS.
Most of you will remember the Symbian OS as the most popular mobile phone OS between 2002 and 2006 before there was iOS or Android. The decision to abandon Symbian is certainly a good one. Symbian is outdated and simply cannot compete against the likes of iOS and Android.

The switch to Windows Phone OS is already paying off. Its recent line of Lumia devices sporting the OS have been enjoying pretty good sales, accounting for two-thirds of Nokia's total sales. Hopefully as they continue to release more phones with Windows OS they'll be able to reclaim a large share of the mobile phone market they once dominated.

Nokia also recently announced that it is scraping dividend payment for the first time in 20 years. This is good news because it will aid their net cash position allowing them invest more cash into business.

With Nokia now solely reliant on Windows phone OS and burgeoning Lumia sales, we hope to see a gradual turn around for the Finnish telecom company. Fingers crossed.


Award-winning radio personality Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi has kicked off the recording of her long anticipated TV show.
Although details are still sketchy, her producers have announced that work started on the magazine show nearly two years ago with the crew finally moving to set last weekend in Lagos.
Simply called 'Gbemi', the show, the award-winning OAP says, seeks to create conversations on different issues and people, from the serious and scary, to the mundane and trivial; while engaging audiences on different platforms across many cities.
'Our show explores various areas, and is part investigative, part entertaining; going beyond what has been discussed before', the talker, who spent many years at Cool FM before joining The Beat, Gbemi says.
'We're shooting already, working with some of the best hands around, to make sure 'Gbemi' is worth the wait' she added.
The show's producer Jade Rawa says 'Gbemi' will be ready to air 'in a matter of months, on local networks, cable channels, as well as on mobile and web'.
Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi is currently a director of programmes Naija FM, assistant director of programmes Beat FM, and host of the drive time show of Beat FM 99.9.

Photos From Bisi Ibidapo Obe's Birthday Party

Our very own Bisi was a year older yesterday and she had a little party in her home. Some of her colleagues were there to celebrate with the new mum. Oba Saheed Elegushi was also a guest at the party. Hearty Cheers to her.

Boko Haram Declares Ceasefire

The Jama'atul Ahalis Sunna Lida'awati Wal Jihad, otherwise known as Boko Haram Islamic sect has agreed to cease fire for peace to prevail. This is coming after the group terrorized Nigerians, mostly in Northern states for three years, killing hundreds of people in their violent attacks.

According to Premium Times, one Abu Mohamed Abdulazeez who claims to be the second in command in the sect's leadership hierarchy spoke to journalists in Maiduguri on behalf of the overall leader of the sect, Abubakar Shekau, saying that they decided to end the crisis because they had come to a realization that Muslims suffer from the attacks and wanted Muslims to live peacefully. He said the announcement of the ceasefire followed a series of meetings it held with the government of Borno State where it got commitments from the government that its members in captivity will be released.

Although he agreed that there were factions within  the group, he said the supreme power to order  a ceasefire rested with the leadership of Imam Abubakar Shekau, who is the leader of the authentic group.

The statement made available to Punch reads:

"I, Sheikh Muhammed Abdulazeez Ibn Idris, is  the 2nd Commander- in-charge of southern and northern Borno after Imam Abubakar Shekau of Jamaatul Ahjlil Sunna lidawati wal Jihad otherwise known as Boko Haram.

"For sometime now,  we the members of Jamaatul ahlil Boko Haram sunna lidawati wal jihad otherwise known as Boko Haram have recently had a meeting and dialogue with the government of Borno State where we resolved that given  the prevailing situation, there is the need for us to cease fire.

"We, on our own, in the top hierarchy of our movement under the leadership of Imam Abubakar Shekau, as well as some of our notable followers agreed that our brethren in Islam, both women and children are suffering unnecessarily; hence we resolved that we should bring this crisis to an end.

"We therefore call on all those that identify themselves with us and our cause, to from today(Monday) lay down their arms. Let every member who hears this announcement relay it to the next member who hasn't heard.

"We have met with the Borno State Government on two occasions and the fallout of the meeting was  to cease fire. Presently, we are going to comply with the ceasefire order and by the time we are done with that, then  security agencies could  go ahead and  arrest whoever they find carrying arms or killing under our name. We are very much aware of the fact that some criminals have infiltrated our movement and continued attacking and killing people using our name.

"Of course, there is a faction within us, but the larger faction of our movement is the one in support of this ceasefire move. Moreover, once top members of our group, including Imam Abubakar Shekau, are in support of the need for ceasefire, other smaller factions can be dealt with easily.

"This message, by the Grace of Allah, comes directly from the office of Imam Abubakar Shekau, the supreme leader of Jamaatul ahlil Sunna lidawati wal Jihad."

When Channels TV tried to contact the Borno State Government, the Special Adviser to the state governor on Media, Isa Gusau, in a telephone interview said he could not confirm the meeting between the Borno State government and the Boko Haram sect.

We sincerely hope this brings an end to the killings and bloodshed by members of the sect and pray for continued peace in Nigeria.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Olusola Oladimeji, Man whose Car Fell Off Lagos Third Mainland Bridge Says"I was not speeding… I just found myself in the water”

On Saturday 26th January 2013, news of an unusual accident on the Lagos Third Mainland bridge was trending across several media platforms. A car skidded off the bridge and fell into the Lagoon with a lone occupant, the driver, inside. Miraculously, he survived and was rescued by fishermen who were around the area at the time.

Traffic officials said he was overspeeding which could have been the cause of the accident. However, Olusola Oladimeji, the driver and owner of the Toyota Sienna said he wasn't.

The father of three who is a minister of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Church, said he was on his way home from work when the incident occurred. He narrated his experience to Punch:

"I work on the island and I left home for a meeting in the early hours of Saturday. After the monthly environmental sanitation, I started driving back home. I was driving at the speed of 60km/hr and was on the fast lane because the road was free. At Ebute Meta bypass, I saw two vehicles that had been involved in an accident but I kept on driving. Suddenly, everything went blank, I couldn't see anything again, and I just found myself in the water."

He did not lose consciousness in the water and as such, he unfastened the seat belt and swam towards a ray of light.

"I was not on high speed. When the car hit the railing of the bridge, the airbag was not released. After falling into the water, I unfastened the seat belt and noticed that one of the doors of my car had broken off, so I swam out of the vehicle to the surface of the water even though I don't know how to swim. It was while I was waving my hand that fishermen saw me and quickly came to my aid. They took me away from the scene and took me to a clinic located on the water where they administered the first aid."

Oladimeji was later taken to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital where an X-ray scan was conducted on him. Although his leg was not fractured, it was cast with Plaster of Paris because he had a sprain.

When Punch visited his home, members of his church were seen coming to felicitate with him. One of them, Praise Onanuga, a pastor at MFM, Berkeley Parish, said the victim had just bought the car eight days before the accident.

"He bought the car just eight days before the accident and we were supposed to do the dedication today (Sunday) but we thank God that we were not put to shame. We will hold a thanksgiving for him soon because this is a miracle."

It is indeed a miracle and we are so glad he's alive.

Photo Credit: Punch

Final yr student of OOU, 5 others arrested for kidnapping

ABEOKUTA—The Ogun State Vigilance Service, Sunday,  said it had arrested six suspected kidnappers including  a final year student  of Olabisi Onabanjo University, OOU, Ago-Iwoye,  (name withheld)  who demanded a sum of N25million ransom from their victim's family.

The Public Relations Officer of the Service, Soji Ganzallo told newsmen in Abeokuta, that the suspects had on Thursday trailed one Aremu Peters from his office located at number 86 Ibadan road,Ijebu-Ode, at about 7.00p.m. and subsequently kidnapped him.

According to Ganzallo, the command on receiving the information moved in swiftly and was able to locate their hideout, rescued the victim and arrested the suspects.

Narrating his ordeals in the hands of the kidnappers, Peters said he got his freedom 48 hours after he was abducted, saying the kidnappers pointed a gun at him, collected his car key and immediately put him inside the car booth.

They later abandoned the car at Iwesi quarters, Ijebu-Ode, at around 8.00pm.

According to him, "I was blindfolded and on arrival at their hide-out, I was tortured and asked to put a call through to my family. The gang leader demanded for N25million ransom.

They called my family on my phone and ordered them to pay N25million ransom.

They tied my hands. But after much pleas, they reduced the ransom to N5million. At that stage, I asked my family to sell my house and other valuables to save my life before luck ran against them when the vigilance service burst the hideout and rescued me."

Confessing to their crime, the gang leader said they kept their victim in the  car booth before they took him  to the hideout located at Ajobo village, in Odeda Local Government Area, along Abeokuta-Ibadan road.

He added that they fed their victim with bread, soft drink and sachet water within 48 hours of the victim's captivity.

However, Ganzallo told newsmen that findings revealed that the victim's car was abandoned by the gang in Ibadan. He said the suspects would be handed over to the police.

Source: Vanguard

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Divorce Matters : Rupert Sanders' wife files for divorce over Kristen Stewart affair

Rupert Sanders' wife has filed for divorce, six months after the Hollywood director was caught cheating with actress Kristen Stewart. Kristen and Rob Pattinson managed to work things out, but not Rupert and his wife

According to TMZ, Liberty Ross filed the paperwork in a LA County Superior Court yesterday and is asking for joint custody of their two children and spousal support. The couple tried to patch up their marriage by going to a therapist but at the end, it didn't work out.

I am single but not searching. My mother is working on that. She is going to get me a husband from the village - Rapper Eva Alordiah

Rapper Eva Alordiah

I think Nigerian men are fine, we have the best crop of men in Nigeria. My major priority is to be focused on necessary things. I don't see relationships as unnecessary but I see s*x as unnecessary
I am single but not searching. My mother is working on that. She is going to get me a husband from the village I don't know how the search is going for her though. . I am not a married woman, it is not something I would wake up in the morning and say I would indulge in it. It was created for married people. It is seen as a part of relationships by this generation because people are influenced by what they see on television and read in magazines. The youths are getting very enlightened.

Wazo Is Coming Soon Plus I'm only Watching This Movie Because Of Funke!

Wazo is a movie, which stars Funke Oloyede (nee Akindele). It is a production of Olasco Films Ltd., and Scene One Productions. It also features Kola Oyewo, Victor Olaotan, Odunlade Adekola, Muyiwa Ademola, and Ronke Ojo. It was previously scheduled to be released in December 2012, but will now be released in 2013.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Catholic Church of Nigeria withdraws from the Christian Association of Nigeria

Right: official Catholic church letter withdrawing from CAN

The Catholic Church of Nigeria yesterday temporarily withdrew its membership from the Christian  Association of Nigeria (CAN). Their reason? That CAN under Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor has been compromised. Also because of some uncouth statements by some Christian leaders, and the use of money in CAN elections and several court cases involving state chapters of CAN.

Spokesperson of the Church, Rev. Fr. Dr. Cornelius Omonokhua, said:
"You just can't save people who are drowning, if you are drowning with them. CAN is being dragged into partisan politics thereby compromising the ability to play its true role as conscience of the nation and the voice of the voiceless. We will be happy if CAN leadership can show moderation. Common sense dictates that they do that."
The Catholic church said they would review their withdrawal from CAN after the annual meeting of the Conference of Bishops in February. See more after the cut...

Meanwhile CAN has reacted to CCN's withdrawal, calling it good riddance. A rep accused the Christian denomination of arrogance, saying they were merely angry because the presidency of the association had moved to another bloc of the group.

Spokesperson for the 19 Northern chapters of CAN, Sunny Oibe, told Punch:
"There are some certain elements in the leadership of CAN led by Cardinal John Onaiyekan because he lost CAN Presidency to Oritsejafor who has a lot of achievements. There is no need for anybody to lose sleep over the threat by Catholics to pull out of CAN because without them CAN will still continue. The constitution of CAN makes provision that membership can be terminated by any group that is misbehaving or any group can also terminate their membership.
"Why is it that when Catholics were in the leadership of CAN, every bloc supported them, but now because power has changed hands, they are threatening to pull out and causing confusion?
"They have been agitating that the Presidency of CAN must come from the South. They are appendage of PDP and PDP themselves. They are known for double standards. A man of God should not be double speaking."

SD Style Pick - Which Would You Rather?

This is a very simple question that needs an immediate answer.

Number 1 has an unusual print pattern, and that's part of what I like about it. I don't care much for the heel, but I do like that it's covered in the print, too. However, I prefer the shape and heel of number 2. Normally, I'd say screw it and go with the cheaper one, but what if they go for the same price...

Oya ladies, which would you rather prefer?

May D & Girlfriend Debola Welcome Their New Baby Boy

Congrats to May D and his girlfriend Debola. Their baby boy was born today.
Cute sure baby!

Okay! So Who Is Kim’s Actual Baby Daddy? And Other Stories

Ahhhh! Oh yes. My people, u guys have missed me abi?, admit it, I've missed you too. Its work o, School, jewelry making, sketching my designs, making money and living life in general. I finally stole some minutes to make this post. Enjoy it!

Kim and Kanye
Okay, I'll admit it … I am shocked and happy that Kim Kardashian and Kanye are STILL together. It's like everyday I read something about them, I'm surprised all over again. Unless they are giving us some bad ass photo ops, I think it's safe to say that these two are genuinely happy. And for some reason, I'm genuinely happy for them, too. Sometimes, we easily forget that these celebrities are just people, and they probably want what we all want: love, peace, joy, etc. In spite of my doubts, their relationship has lasted for more than her 72-day marriage. And speaking of her marriage …

As you know, Kim Kardarshian is pregnant for Kanye. However, according to the California State law, when a married woman has a baby, the baby's father's name is automatically listed as the woman's husband. In this case, that would be Kris Humphries. Kanye would have to get the baby's name changed legally. I don't know if Kris Humphries would have any kind of say in how (or if) this is done. But I wonder why their divorce is taking so long to be finalized?

In other news, did you know that when Kim Kardashian's pregnancy was made public, the sales of her sex tape with Ray J went up two hundred percent? Yeap, 200%. I don't know about you, but for me, all of a sudden, making and selling sex tapes is looking like a very profitable business venture.

And in other, other news, there is also an unconfirmed rumor that Beyonce and Jay Z will be the godparents of the Kimnye baby. I can see why/how Jay Z will be the god daddy, with him being Kanye's [best?] buddy and all.  But I don't know about Beyonce. I'm gonna have to call her up and ask her if she thinks she'll be the godmom.

And this, my people, is your daily Kimnye news that you mostly likely don't care about. You're welcome.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Shocker!: Former Catholic priest allegedly owned porn store, sold drugs and had sex in the rectory

A former Catholic priest busted on charges of selling crystal meth would appear at his Connecticut church dressed as a woman and was fond of sex in the rectory, according to a published report.

Msg. Kevin Wallin, 61, resigned as spiritual leader of St. Augustine's Parish in Bridgeport in 2011, but he continued to receive a stipend from the Roman Catholic Diocese until his Jan. 3 arrest on drug charges.

Wallin, nicknamed "monsignor meth," might have been laundering his drug profits at a Westbury porn store he owned called the Land of Oz, investigators told the Connecticut Post.

Before he stepped down from the altar at St. Augustine's, the priest's behavior had become erratic, and he would disappear for days at a time, sources told the Post.

Church staff also saw him cross-dressing and he would entertain "odd looking men" in the rectory, where they engaged in "sex acts," the sources said.

Staff at St. Augustine also found what they called "bizarre" sex toys in Wallin's residence when they went to check on the priest.

The staff reportedly informed the Diocese about the un-priestly behavior.

Church officials maintain they had no idea Wallin had been selling or using meth, either before or after he left his duties at St. Augustine.

"We had no indication he had a drug problem and never had complaints regarding him and drugs," said Diocese Spokesman Brian Wallace.

After his resignation, the priest dropped out of sight, Wallace said.

His arrest shocked his former flock, who remembered an affable man who loved Broadway musicals.

"There is an evil invading our world and it has come to our church," longtime St. Augustine parishioner Maria Spencer-Fonseca told the Post. "This was a work of evil — and I am praying for the monsignor."

Wallin is due to be arraigned next week on charges that he was part of a cross-country drug ring that shipped meth between Connecticut and California.

He is accused of selling the drugs to an undercover officer six times between September 2012 and January 2013.

Source - NY Daily News

New Music Alert : Samklef – Suwe Remix Ft Olamide

Samklef is back and this time he has teamed up with yoruba rapper Olamide to bring the remix of his single  Suwe. Enjoy.

Download Suwe Remix by clicking the easy link below:

When Mom and Dad Say No by Temiloluwa Adebayo

Niran and I met a year ago during one of those Nigerian Job forums in England. It was an exhibition featuring some of the best employers in Nigeria and it was a 'strictly by invitation' event. So we all pretty much felt honoured to be there and there was this look of respect you had for the next guy because you know immediately that he must be an academic G.

It was at the Peak Island Bank stand that I saw him. I was asking the lady at the stand if they would employ a Law Graduate with an MBA but no BL (Nigerian Law School degree) when he stood beside me eagerly waiting for their response.  I looked up at him and could not but smile. I've always had a problem with fine guys, they were my  Achilles Heel. He was no exception. Tall, slim built, yet muscular, fine facial structure. He was very clean looking. The lady had started responding but there I was, still admiring God's work of art. Quickly, I slipped out of my reverie in time to catch the last few sentences. Then I promptly moved on to the next stand, embarrassed at myself.

'You didn't get what she said, did you?', a deep voice said behind me. Lo and behold, it was Mr. Hotstuff again.

'Erm, some of it', I mumbled.

'I noticed you were a bit distracted and given her open ended, non-specific response, I would have expected some sort of questions to follow from you'.

He then went on to explain the lady's response to my question. To be honest, I really didn't care for what he was saying as much as how he was saying it. He was really hot.

I found out he was doing his Masters at Jesus College, Cambridge after having finished with a First Class and also second best in his year in Ife. It took a while to become friends because I had to first of all get over my infatuation with him. That took a few weeks of totally ignoring his calls and refusing his self invite to Manchester to see me and also refusing to go to Cambridge to see him. I don't know when exactly or how exactly it happened, but I stopped being so 'star struck' and started seeing him in a normal light.

The next time we saw was during the Festival of Life programme in London two months after we first met. He had come with his church bus and my friends and I had driven from Manchester because we could not make the timing of our church bus. We planned to meet up during the Testimony Time and we did. We strolled to the very back to get water and I realised I was nice and easy around him this time. We talked for a few minutes and went back to our different seats.

When he offered to come see me the following weekend. We went to see a movie and then had dinner at a lovely Asian restaurant. On Sunday, he met up with me and we went to church together, had lunch afterwards.

As I waited for a bus back to my house, I was reeling with excitement. I could not believe what great time I had had. You see, as someone who likes fine guys, I know very well that most of them are either cocky, stuck up, stupid, unintelligent, proud, taken or all of the above. So you can imagine my feeling of good fortune when I found out that Adeniran Ola-Baker possessed not one of those vices. He was so humble, respectful, kind, intelligent and fun to be with. I also found out he comes from a family of geniuses. His father is an alumnus of Oxford and currently a dean at Unilag. His mom has 2 Bachelors and 2 Masters degrees. His younger  sister was in the final year of her PhD programme at Nottingham at just 26! I felt a bit intimidated but he was quick to credit it all not to their hard work or natural gift but to God's grace.

We carried on with our friendship for another 3 months till he asked me to be his girlfriend with the hope of one day becoming his wife. I was so excited. I said  a fast yes. I had prayed about him and felt so much peace in the relationship. It was as if God had come to wipe away my tears because I had kissed a few frogs in my 25 years on earth.

I was indeed in a very happy place.

Our Masters programmes ended and it was time to go home.  I had met his sister, 'Lope. She was not the geek I expected her to be. In fact, she was exceptionally fashion conscious and an 'it' girl for a PhD student. I just assumed all PhDers were geek glasses wearing and braces wearing. We became good friends during the  period I was in the UK.

Niran and I were on the same flight back home. My mom and 2 sisters came to pick me up whilst his mom and dad both came to pick him. That was the first introduction of our families and it was short and sweet. Two weeks after arriving Nigeria, he invited me to his parents' to meet them properly. It was such an ordeal deciding what to wear. My mom had said 'no English outfit' but my big sister was the other voice saying, 'be yourself and wear what you're comfortable in'. In the end, my mom won and I wore a really nice yet simple Ankara dress and kitten heeled pumps. I had my hair in a bun and wore my favourite earrings.

His mom was extremely welcoming. She apologised that her husband  was on a call upstairs and would be joining us shortly. It was a very relaxed meeting and it went well. If Niran's mom is described as friendly. His dad would be described as funny. He told one joke after the other and had me in stitches all afternoon. It was also interesting to watch his mom laugh so hard at his jokes after 32 years of marriage. It was a good afternoon.

On our drive back as Niran dropped me off, I asked,

'Niran, I saw another girl featuring a lot in your older family albums. I thought 'Lope was your only sister'. He went quiet for a while and I felt bad thinking maybe she had died and I was scraping at healing wounds.

'Yes I do. We are three kids. She's older than I am. She's 31 this year'.

'Oh wow! What's her name? Where does she live? Is she also a genius like you guys?', I asked smiling, relieved she was alive.

'Her name is is 'Lade, Omolade. She lives here in Lagos. She has some problems', he said dismissively.

'Oh, what kind of problems', I probed.

'She was committed to the mental institution two weeks to her Bar Finals when she was just 20. Last year was her 10th year in the Psychiatric Home. She graduated with a First Class from Ife at 19 but never got called to the Bar'. He said this as a matter-of-factly with zero emotion. I was literally open-mouthed for 5 minutes or so.

'I'm so sorry', I gushed, not knowing the appropriate words to speak. He dismissed it and apologised for not telling me all along. We had already gotten to my house by then. He dropped me off and left.

As soon as I got home, my sisters and my mom were in the living room excitedly waiting for news of how the day went.

'It went so well. His parents are so cool. I had a great time. I found out he has an older sister who's not well', I said of the meeting at Niran's.

'Eh yah, what's wrong with her?' Bisodun asked.

'Erm, she's ill', I mumbled. How does one say it? I thought to myself.

'What kind of illness?' Impatient Lara quipped.

'She's insane. She went mad during her Bar Finals 11 years ago', I blurted. To hell with the political correctness.

'Oh my God', 'What?', 'Damn!', the three of them said at the same time. We all bemoaned the poor girl's fate for a while and then changed the topic.

At about 1:30am, my dad and mom strolled into my room, interrupting my Dexter.

My dad was fumbling with his fingers. My mom on the other hand, sat down on my bed and began,

'My dear, your dad and I have discussed things long and hard and there's no way we are going to sit back and watch insects crawl into our eyes. You are a young girl and you have your whole life ahead of you. You can't marry into a family where madness runs. It is hereditary and I won't have a mad man for a son-in-law nor have mad grandkids. You need to break it off with him and fast too.' My mom was emotionless. She spoke as if she was a newscaster speaking about some remote girl's fate and not like she had just shattered my very being.

I sat there mute, looking at my dad as if he should help me and save me from my mom's unreasonableness. 'Dad', I began.

My dad cut me off saying, 'We spoke with Aunty Biola whose husband is a psychiatrist at John Hopkins as you know. He told us unequivocally that madness induced by studying is hereditary. I'm sorry dear but I withdraw my blessings on your relationship'.

I was devastated as I watched my dad speak. My mom is known to make decrees and still change her mind. But my dad is soft and so hardly speaks BUT when he does, we all know no Jupiter can make him change his mind.


I confided in Lara about it. She's a non-conformist and I chose her because I knew she would support me. She did but also blamed me for telling them, accusing me of never learning from my past experiences of how badly they handle sensitive information.

I eventually spoke with Bisodun. Bisodun has always been the family oracle, very intelligent and also extremely rational and pragmatic. She is also a lover of God so I knew I would hear the truth from her, even if painful. Here were her words,

'Sis, this is indeed a toughie. Whilst I believe in the power of prayers regarding these issues of hereditary diseases, the truth is our parents' faith is not on that level. And you must get parental consent. You absolutely must. I don't support you going ahead not because of the disease of the mind of his sister but because of dad and mom's resolve. Hold it off for now and begin to pray hard. I'll join you and we can even start fasting from tomorrow. Now Sis, our prayer is not for mom and dad to change their minds, no. Instead, it is for God's will to prevail.

I love Niran and you together and when I place him besides the losers you have been with, I am personally pained at the thought of you guys not being together. However, sometimes, the devil brings a counterfeit of God's plan for our lives.  There still will be but guess what, God's work cannot be hindered. So if it indeed is God's plan for you, we need to call on God and tell Him, Oh God, you gave me this and the world wants to destroy your gift and take it from me.

You need to quit this starvation you've put yourself on and all this weeping.This is our period of inquiring. Let's first of all seek God's will, the rest will follow. The heart of the king is in the hands of the Lord and like a river of water, He can turn it as he so wishes. So babes, forget mom and dad for now, they are not the real matter at issue. When God says yes, they dare not say no so let us hear God say his yes first.


As great as Bisodun's words were, I'm still torn. There's no way God can say no to a love so true. Why give me someone that brings me so much joy only to snatch him away? Why should I leave Niran because of fear, not even mine, my unbelieving parents'? He is not mad and can never be mad and I know I can not have a mad child.

According to Bisodun, I'm to tell Niran I want to seek God's face for something for a while and during that period, I'm not to communicate with him. She says I need a severance from him in order to hear God speak clearly. That is easy to say and I know myself, it is just impossible to pull it off. Plus, our relationship has never been that way. We discuss all our problems and pray for each other so this 'problem' I have that requires solitary confinement would definitely have him raising an eye brow.

So many questions running through my head: my parents are not such strong believers. Is it not praying parents you obey implicitly? Is his sister's illness really hereditary? Why did I open my big mouth to tell my mom? Why did I not make my parents find out after the wedding? Should I go crazy and get married without their approval? Should I open up to Niran about my predicament? Would that not make him judge my family? Should I go ahead and have a clean break from him whilst I pray?

Sad… Mistress Strangles Lover’s Four Children to Death in Anambra State

A 28 year-old lady in Anambra state is mourning the sad loss of her four children who were killed by her husband's mistress. In what can be described as a very touching tale, Nwanneka Ogechukwu Okonkwo narrated how her four children Chukwuebuka, (13), Chukwumelum (6) Obumneme (3) and 15-month-old Chinenyenwa were allegedly killed by a lady simply identified as Blessing, from Abakiliki in Ebonyi State.

Narrating the tragic incident, the mother of the dead children told Sunday Sun at Ekwulumili Health Centre where she was recuperating from the shock, that she was also attacked by the suspect.

According to her, the suspect allegedly hit the eldest of her children, Chukwuebuka, on his forehead with a hard object and dumped the lifeless body inside an underground tank in the compound before strangling his siblings. There were marks of human nails on their necks that showed that they were strangled.

The report stated that her husband had been having an affair with the suspect and was also arrested along with her. Here is an excerpt of her account below:

"I was to go for a burial ceremony with my husband at Ukpor on that fateful day and the children went to school. We initially left with the youngest one, Chinenyenwa but the vehicle we boarded was jam-packed with passengers and the baby started crying. Consequently, my husband said we should disembark and use our motorcycle but people around said the road was too dusty to ride with a baby on a bike.

I decided to go home and wait for our other children who went to school so that they would take care of the baby and enable my husband and I to make the trip with our motorcycle. But long after school hours, the children didn't come home. We went to the school and other pupils told us that our children had gone home. I looked for them along the roads they usually take to the house but I did not see them.

Thereafter, I urged my husband to go on his own and look for them, but he returned soon after, saying he had seen them coming home. Before my husband and I left for the burial, I gave them food and told them to go and stay with an old woman in the neighbourhood because we are the only occupants of that building, and I don't like them staying alone in the compound. We had stayed barely one hour at the burial ceremony when my husband said we should go home.

But before we left, my husband's phone rang and I heard him say, 'I'm in a burial'. So, as we got close to our home, his phone rang again and he told the caller that we were not back yet. I didn't ask him who the caller was as we rode straight to the house.

When we got to the elderly neighbour's house, we were told that she had gone for prayers and that my children were not seen there. We got to the house and I opened the gate from behind believing that the children were inside the house. As we parked our motorcycle inside the compound, my husband pointed to the underground tank that was open. I became apprehensive because we don't keep it open. But I said maybe the eldest might have drawn water from the well and had forgotten to close it.

I called Ebuka but there was no response. I ran into the sitting room and saw the three younger ones lying on the floor as if they were asleep. I ran out again believing that those three were sleeping. I continued to call Ebuka and looked into the tank and I didn't see anything. Later, I decided to wake up Ebuka's immediate younger brother to ascertain the whereabouts of his brother. I called him but he didn't wake up; I tried to rouse him but he was motionless and so were the other two. I cried to my husband that the children were dead and I concluded that since the three were dead, Ebuka might be inside the well.

There were marks of human nails on their necks that showed that they were strangled. One of them had faeces in his anus. It was when my husband started crying and moved towards our bedroom, that the lady (suspect) emerged from the bedroom and asked him why he was shouting. Then, I advanced towards her and demanded from her, where she kept Ebuka's body because I had seen the others she killed. I held her and she gripped me. When I freed myself from her grip, I rushed to lock one of the two gates and raised the alarm until neighbours came."

This is really sad… May the souls of the innocent children rest in peace and may God grant the parents the fortitude to bear the loss.

SD Readers Mail: I took a Picture Of This Strange Cloud Yesterday, It Bothers Me

Its indeed strange, what do you think?

Governor of Anambra State Peter Obi promises N5 Million for Information on Bodies Found in Ezu River

The governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi, has promised N5 Million to anyone with information on the bodies found in Ezu River, Amansea, Akwa North Local Government area of the state.

On Saturday over 15 bodies were found floating on the river situated at the boundary between Enugu and Anambra States. The corpses that could not be easily identified were suspected to have been dumped in the river on Friday night by unknown persons.

Natives of Amansea said some of the bodies they saw had been swept away while some were still buried down the river and are expected to become afloat later.

Obi, who was away to the United Kingdom on official duty at the time of the discovery of the dead bodies, cut short his trip after being briefed by his aides on the mysterious development.

According to Vanguard, he said the corpses obviously floated from elsewhere into Anambra state. "The fact that River Ezu flows into Anambra State from another state shows that these corpses obviously floated from elsewhere into our state. As you can see, the bodies are already decomposing and this shows that this incident happened some time ago. But I do not care where the corpses floated from; I am worried that this type of scenario could be witnessed in our country in this age and time. This is a most barbaric and unacceptable development. It cannot happen in any decent society."

He explained that the N5 million would go to anyone who provided necessary information which would help to unravel the circumstances surrounding the strange incident.

Friday, 18 January 2013

AFCON 2013! STAND UP FOR THE CHAMPIONS! Super Eagles Team Lineup for African Cup of Nations 2013

Forwards: Ahmed Musa ( CSKA Moscow, Russia); Emmanuel Emenike (Spartak Moscow, Russia); Victor Moses (Chelsea FC, England); Sunday Mba (Enugu Rangers, Nigeria); Ikechukwu Uche (Villarreal FC, Spain); Brown Ideye (Dynamo Kyiv, Ukraine); Ejike Uzoenyi (Enugu Rangers, Nigeria)

 Midfielders: John Mikel Obi (Chelsea FC, England); Nosa Igiebor (Real Betis, Spain); Ogenyi Onazi (SS Lazio, Italy); Obiora Nwankwo (Calcio Padova, Italy); Fegor Ogude (Valerenga FC, Norway); Reuben Gabriel (Kano Pillars, Nigeria);

Defenders: Elderson Echiejile (SC Braga, Portugal); Juwon Oshaniwa (Ashdod FC, Israel); Joseph Yobo (Fenerbahce, Turkey); Efe Ambrose (Celtic FC, Scotland); Azubuike Egwuekwe (Warri Wolves, Nigeria); Kenneth Omeruo (ADO Den Haag, Netherlands); Godfrey Oboabona (Sunshine Stars, Nigeria)

Goalkeepers: Vincent Enyeama (Maccabi Tel Aviv, Israel); Austin Ejide (Hapoel Be'er Sheba, Israel); Chigozie Agbim (Enugu Rangers, Nigeria)

For The Ladies : Hot Picture Of D'Prince

You like?

First Fab Photos From Ibinabo Fiberesima's birthday party

Ini Edo, Chidi Mokeme, Rita Dominic, Stephanie Okereke Linus, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Desmond Elliot, Genevieve Nnaji, Monalisa Chinda, Uche Jombo, Mike Ezuruonye, Ramsey Noah, 2face Idibia, Klint De Drunk were all there to celebrate with Ibinabo Fiberesima. The party took place at Chesney Hotel, Victoria Island.

Photo Credit: Eternal Pictures

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Photo: These Are The New MTV Base VJ Finalists

MTV Base has revealed the names of the three talented newcomers battling it out for fame and fortune in the MTV Base VJ Search competition.

Going head-to-head in the last stage of the channel's search for a new MTV Base VJ, are 26 year old Ada Ogunkeya (@Folustorms), 25 year old Ehizojia Okoeguale (@SpecialSlim) and 22 year old Kemi Owatemi (@SsmallzZ).

The ultimate victor will win a contract with MTV Base worth 10million Naira plus a brand new car and other exciting prizes.

Lagos born Ada is an on-air personality at 92.3 Inspiration radio. A self-confessed "life enthusiast", Ada's Twitter page describes her as an "opinionated, impulsive giggle-bot, knowledge fiend, natural hair lover, dancer, and all round dude". According to Ada, 'I feel like I've been preparing for this moment my whole life – it feels right!"

Smart and witty Kemi (Dahlia to her friends) loves dancehall music and Rihanna in equal measure. The personal motto of this young novel-loving Capricorn is "Happiness is Key", and she describes her personal style as "more denim than silk".

Happy-go-lucky jobseeker and computer electronics graduate Ehiz, a.k.a "Special Slim", is always the life and soul of the party. With a personal mantra that states "Be the best you can be because at the end of the day you can only answer for yourself", old-skool funk fan Ehiz numbers Fela Kuti, Born Jamericans and LL Cool J among his favourite artists – and loves the colour red because it represents both love and danger!

Ada, Ehiz and Kemi were hand-picked by judges Banky W (@BankyW), Toolz (@ToolzO), Funke Akindele (@funkeakindele) and Tim Horwood (@timohorwood) after competing against thousands of applicants in the MTV Base VJ Search – Nigeria auditions in December. The winner will join Sizwe Dhlomo and Nomuzi Mabena on MTV Base's in-house talent roster, presenting their own chart show on MTV Base (DStv Channel 322, STV & AIT).

The winner in the MTV Base VJ Search – Nigeria competition will be selected by the judges during the Grand Final in Lagos, on 25 January and revealed on MTV Base on Tuesday 29 January. MTV Base VJ Cynthia C-Von Okpala and MTV's newest South Africa VJ, Nomuzi Mabena, will share emcee-ing duties at the gig, while celebrity artists Iyanya, Ice Prince and Burna Boy will be helping the 3 finalists to complete their final challenges.

You'll be able to see Ada, Ehiz and Kemi showing off their stuff in the next two episodes of the MTV Base VJ Search – Nigeria, on MTV Base, DStv Channel 322 at 18:30 WAT on 22 & 29 January and on STV at 18:00 WAT on 24 & 31 January.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Photos : Cossy Orjiakor Shares Some Xrated Photos On Twitter


Why Actresses Date Men Who Are Not Based in Nigeria- Taiwo Aromokun (Actress)

Taiwo and newly married Husband
Nigerian based guys have a stupid mentality about actresses. They believe actresses are prostitutes. Most of them just want to date them and dump them later. They will start broadcasting that they had dated this, and that person. Another reason is because they don't understand the terrain very well. Most of them stopped their spouse from acting after marriage. This is why people go for guys who are based abroad. Btw, Taiwo recently married her lover who is based abroad.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mrs Adegeye, King Sunny Ade's wife back in Lagos House of Assembly

I just heard that one of the wives of music icon King Sunny Ade, Hon Risikat Ajoke Adeniyi Adegeye is back in the Lagos House of Assembly, not as a lawmaker, but as one of commissioners representing Badagry in the newly constituted Lagos House of Assembly Service Commission.

Mrs Adegeye was a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly from 2007-2011, representing Amuwo Odofin area of the State.

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