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Saturday, 24 November 2012

 16-Year-Old-Girl Sue Colonel Over Alleged Rape

A serving Lieutenant Colonel with the Nigerian
Army, W.L. Nzidee, has been dragged to a
Magistrate Court I over alleged sexual assault on a
16-year-old girl (name withheld) in Kaduna.
The accused is in charge of the MTO at the Nigerian
Defence Academy (NDA).
In an application for issuance of a direct criminal
complaint summons filed at the Magistrate Court in
the Kaduna Magisterial District in Barnawa, Kaduna
South with case number KMD/19DC/2012 by the
complainant, she accused the Colonel of
committing an offence that constituted “criminal
intimidation, rape, acts of gross indecency,
abductions and threat to life” contrary to section
397,282,285,272 and 327 of the penal code.
According to the complainant, on October 22, 2012,
the accused person called her with the pretext to
send her on an errand and unfortunately for her the
lieutenant colonel had an ulterior motive for
inviting her into his house.
She said the accused then lured her into the house
and forced himself on her with a threat to kill her if
she makes any noise and all effort by her to resist
proved abortive because the accused is stronger
than her.
She stated further that the accused forcefully had
canal knowledge with her without her consent and
dis-virgin her leaving her physically and mentally
The victim said, she stayed indoor for about 48
hours and could not disclose to her guardian, until
when the pains and injuries in her virginal became
severe and later rushed to the NDA Medical Centre
where the doctor on duty, Dr Okochi, insisted on
seeing the officer who committed the assault after
which she was admitted for one week.
Source: Leadership paper

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