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Monday, 19 November 2012

A fairytale; Justin Beiber And Selena Gomez's Eventful Night In Photos


in the beginning;

Justin and Selena were seen emerging after just minutes – what happened?

They seemed close as they decided what to do next… Justin those are very silly trousers.

Was the food not good enough?!

Justin ordered a car to take Selena home separately.

The singer held the door for Miss Gomez like a nice boy (too late?)

Justin then left Selena to get in his own car and head home.

Selena was seen arriving at home on her own.

Later, Justin was seen arriving in his posh car.

‘Hello? Can I come in?’

But Selena wasn’t having it and left him outside!

Justin was forced to wait by his car as Selena decided whether to let him in.

Justin attempts to call her, you know, in case the buzzer doesn’t work…

 Again, really very silly trousers.

‘Pleeease can I come in now?’
It’s safe to say Justin was getting pretty annoyed by this point,

Finally, Selena pops her head around the door, probably pretending not to have heard Justin at all.

And, finally, Justin was allowed in, where he stayed into the morning. The end!

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