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Monday, 19 November 2012

(Hey, must be the money!!) And If I Didn't Have Money, Would You Still Love Me?

I think that's one of the questions 50 cent asked in his song '21 questions'…

I came across this article on toolz who came across it on MadameNoire called 'Would You Get Any If You Weren't Famous? 10 Celeb Men Who Would Struggle Without The Money' . Have you ever seen that really odd couple where the lady is ridiculously hot and the man is well not hot at all and seems to be dating way way out of his league? You then look a little closer at the man and you think 'Bingo! It must be the money'. Well this article features 10 male (American) celebrities that would probably struggle without the help of their hefty bank accounts – Waka Flocka Flames, Baby, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and The American Dream made the list!

Its not news that having money can sometimes crank up the levels of attractiveness, but do you think that these celebs would struggle to get dates if they didn't have huge bank accounts? More importantly can you think of some African celebrities that would get little or no play if they weren't loaded?

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