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Sunday, 25 November 2012

So, Women Are Now Being tracked Electronically in Saudi Arabia by Their Husbands Mobile Devices

Saudi Arabia Now Tracks Women Electronically.. Notifies Their Husbands Through Text Messages

Saudi Arabia has implemented an electronic tracking system to monitor women and inform their husbands if they leave the country.

According to an Agence France-Press story, a new system implemented last week sends Saudi husbands text messages from the Saudi immigration agency when their wives are flying out of King Khaled International Airport, near Riyahd.

And this system is operational for all dependents (children, women, and foreign workers).

Saudi Arabia, which ranked second worst in a Thomson Reuters global survey on women's rights in mid 2012,  is a notoriously repressive country.

    Women are not allowed to leave the country without signed permission from their husbands.
    Women are banned from driving,
    required to have a male guardian,
    just received the right to vote in municipal elections last year,
    and must cover most of their bodies, traditionally with a burqa or niqab.

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