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Friday, 14 December 2012

Inspirational - I finally Found Mr Right!

Hi, all (my lovely readers!!) This story about Sheila's recent fairy TALE MARRIAGE really makes me very happy, optimisitc and hopeful that for every single woman there's every chance that there's a man somewhere waiting to be discovered. Read on:

My first marriage was a real disaster; infact I knew it would not work the very moment my father walked me down the aisle. I actually wanted to turn back and run out of the church because I knew I didnt love the guy. I dont even believe he loved me either . It just seemed right because our families were very close and our union seemed like the only thing left to further cement the bond that existed between the two families.

I must admit that I have always been a coward and rather than rock the boat, I went along with the farce until it became a reality. The other thing was that I was getting on in age and most of my peers were all settled or on their way to being settled. I guess the fear of being left on the shelf also contributed to my decision to brave it.

Anyway dilemma got worse by the way. Every time I tried to leave I would remember divorce and then the thought of my mother and my pastor stopped me from leaving. So we went on pretending about being married. By this time hubby had realized that whatever I felt for him at the beginning of our union (if at all) had dissapeared into thin air. One day he got a job up north, packed his bags and left me and my daughter in Lagos.

Well as you may have guessed, I was extremely relieved. I couldnt believe my luck and I was even tempted to throw one big party to celebrate. Life became so much meaningful and fun without him in my life. And shortly after, I got a very lucrative job with a thriving oil company, although it took some time before I eventually won the confidence of my boss. Inno time I was promoted to the position of General manager Corporate Affairs. This was just great. It meant I was entitled to a house, a car, and numerous other perks that go with the new position.

I was so happy and so proud of my achievements at work and things were going so well for me. So well in fact that I sent my daughter to school in the UK. I gave my wardrobe a make-over and invested in very expensive designer clothes and began to move in top circles. I was invited to the creme de la creme functions. Ex – hubby was in the meantime still wallowing in some outback town up in the north. He had taken up an appointment as a lecturer in one of the polytechnics there. Can you imagine how I would have ended up as the wife of a lecturer in one polytechnic? My only up as the wife of a lecturer in one polytechnic? My only problem was that my daughter was missing out on father daughter relationship. She did pay him a visit one christmas but swore never to go back there again.

Life was generally good to me but slowly and surely the need to have a companion started creeping into my emotions. Suddenly I wanted to have a companion but I did not want to compromise myself by having affairs that would only end up nowhere. I wanted a husband in the true sense – a man who I could truly love and who would genuinely love me too. And gradually it became an obsession and in no time I was down on my knees praying. I began to search for the elusive 'Mr Right'. Of course I was in and out of relationships that looked promising at first but ended up going nowhere.

Well soon enough everything changed as I received an answer to my prayer. Who said God is not a good God of second chances? Last Easter a friend and I were invited to a wedding. My friend declined at the last minute because she felt the event would be too rowdy as it was a union of two prominent families, so I went without her. (I was bored and needed to go out anyway). I did not actually believe I would enjoy myself, but as it turned out I met. 'Mr Right' right there!! He told me later that he fell in love with me the minute I was introduced to him by a mutual friend. He sat next to me and talked to me alone through out the ceremony.

He told me he lived abroad but was planning to relocate and that he was a divorcee with two grown children. After the wedding we went our seperate ways and I actually forgot about him until our mutual friend hinted that he was smitten by me and actually wanted to marry me. I thought it was all a joke, but he was dead serious and I took it to the Lord in prayer. Meanwhile he kept calling me even after he went abroad and I went. He introduced me to his son and daughter and told them that I was their step-mum to be. I was overwhelmed, I couldnt believe this was happening. He showed me the kind of love, care and attention that I always yeared for but never ever experienced in my life. And naturally, I fell deeply in love and in march we became Mr and Mrs. Now tell me I am not one of luckiest MSW's around!

Please join me in thanking God for answered prayers. I believe He is about to answer your prayers too.

Culled From Genevieve magazine

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