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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Ladies! Here Are Tips On How To Be S*xy

A woman can be pretty, smart, sexy, sensual and more. I don't know about you but I sure think so. Eg, Monica Bellucci, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Halle Berry, Tiwa Savage, Me etc.

So here are a few tips to help you on your journey. You think you can never be sexy? Think again! There are subtle things men find sexy that have nothing to do with a flat tummy or a great pair of boobs. (Even though that helps )
Wake up in the morning and tell yourself:  Today I feel like a natural woman. I am a goddess that reflects the mystique and magnetism of women, rising above all boundaries.

Women who take themselves too seriously are seriously not sexy. There's something about a woman who is comfortable enough to be playful, flirty, and not worry that she is risking her reputation for being happy. Please don't confuse playful with silly. Silly women who are clowning for attention are vexing. In fact, one man suggested that playfulness is a great sign of maturity – a woman who loves life and isn't ashamed to show it.

What does this mean? Most men agreed that a beautiful woman:

(a) Dresses in a way that flatters her figure

(b) Puts effort into grooming and

c) cares how men perceive her, even if the end result is very laid back and simple. A woman who thinks that going to the effort to look nice is somehow beneath her probably wouldn't make the sexy list.

It is still important for a woman to be A good cook! There is nothing better for a man than coming home to a fresh, hot and home-made dish on the table. They really admire the effort and time a woman puts into preparing a meal and they feel special and rewarded after a long day. If you need ideas for what meals to cook, you can google them or go for cooking classes! Don't forget to kinda look hot during the cooking though. So try discovering your seductive self by keeping these ideas in and putting them to use. You will soon realize you had the seductive goddess in you all this time. After all, every woman has one!

A sexy woman is very affectionate and touchy-feely with her man. She isn't vulgar in showing how she feels with him but she conveys intimacy all the same. Men like to seem irresistible to their women and this attitude would feed that hunger. Hold his arm lightly like you are his damsel in distress, look into his eyes at a gathering and keep a private moment for about two seconds, you know, etc.

Yes, a smart woman might be intimidating to some men (dull, insecure and dumb types) but to a real man, intelligence is one hell of a turn on! Men love to see a beautiful and smart woman. It's like she's a total package. I mean, she has to be down to earth and be able to cook and be warm too. Not the type that just sits reading and doesn't know how to have any kind of fun. He would love it if you can hold your own with his buddies, while he basks in your shine. As long as you aren't bossy or condescending with your knowledge.


We mustn't always wear make-up to feel sexy. Haven't you ever heard about the after sex glow? Ahan…when your hair's all tousled and skin all flushed from rubbing and things, that's when you are the prettiest. (Shhh, I didn't say anything o) A man loves you when you seem natural and not covered with gunk…ALL the time. Not to say that you shouldn't glam up when it is time though. Meanwhile, it's even good for your face. Less makeup enables your skin breathe. And we all know good skin is the secret of beauty right? Okay!


  1. I so L♥√ع dis! So inspiring ĄЙd̶̲̥̅̊‎​ lovely!


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