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Monday, 17 December 2012

Oh No! All passengers perish as Delta State Mass Transit bus crashes in Sapele

I've just learnt that a Delta state Mass Transit bus has crashed while conveying passengers from Uduaghan park in Sapele to Warri. The information says all passengers on board got perished in the crash.

Contrary to the initial information that it was a bus belonging to Delta line that crashed, our correspondent had learnt after several calls to Delta line that the accident actually involved a Delta state Mass Transit bus and not that of Delta Line.

source denied that the bus belongs to Delta line. He confirmed that a state transit bus crashed around Ore, after Sapele in a sharp corner few meters from a filling station, killing all passengers on board.

He said " when I came to the office this morning, I heard the news of the accident, but it's not Delta line. It's one of the new Mass transit buses that Uduaghan just introduced in the state. I heard all passengers died in the accident.

A Delta line bus driver who pleaded not to be mentioned said he ran into the scene of the accident when he was driving into Sapele on Monday morning. According to him, the driver was on a high speed, and coupled with the morning dew, he ran out of control around a sharp corner just a few metre away from a filling station in O're.

Meanwhile, the Delta state police Public Relations Officer could not confirm the news as he simply told correspondent that he was not aware of the accident.

The Police image maker said " I'm not aware of the accident. No one has informed me about this yet. I will find out and get back to you.

It will be recalled that the Delta state government has recently purchased and introduced Mass Transit buses in the state just to ease the cost of transportation in Delta state.

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  1. God rest all there souls. AMEN


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