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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Shocker! PHOTOS: Woman Gives Birth To Frog-Like Baby In Ekiti

After 13 months of pregnancy, a woman in Ekiti finally gave birth to a baby with anencephaly in Ekiti.

Anencephaly is a medical condition caused by a neural tube defect, which causes the baby to have frog-like features. Children born with this condition lack the forebrain which is responsible for cognition i.e thinking. The remaining brain tissue is often exposed—not covered by bone or skin. There is no cure or standard treatment for anencephaly and the prognosis for patients is poor. Most anencephalic babies do not survive birth, accounting for 55% of non-aborted cases. If the infant is not stillborn, then he or she will usually die within a few hours or days after birth from cardiorespiratory arrest.

The kind of scary things that pop up in Naija these days tho! Makes me wanna #runaway

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  1. But what is frog-like about this baby now? I can't really figure it out. The story seems misrepresented, instead of the expression "frog-like", the real author of the story shoulda chosen other word, maybe like "funny looking creature" rather than the unreal,misrepresented "frog-like".

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