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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hilarious! 50 Cent Reacts To Rick Ross Drive By Shooting

Following Rick Ross' drive by shooting yesterday, rapper 50 cent, known to have a long time feud with Rick Ross has taken to micro blogging site twitter to react to the incident.
After looking at the instagram pics of the car, 50 cent tweeted: 
'Hahaha Fat boy was spooked....'
And he continued:
Hahaha fat boy hit the building? Lol it looks staged to me.  No hole's in da car.'
 However, contrary to 50's tweets, newly released photos show bullet holes in the tires, bumper and lights of the car, which Ross crashed into an apartment building as he attempted to flea the scene.
Police have also confirmed that they are treating the shooting as an 'an active and ongoing criminal investigation'.
It will be recalled that the shooting happened as Rick and his girlfriend drove home in the early hours of Monday morning following Ross' 37th birthday at the Miami nightclub LIV.
Cant all these black rappers just squash the beef and live in peace? *smh*

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