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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Okay! So Who Is Kim’s Actual Baby Daddy? And Other Stories

Ahhhh! Oh yes. My people, u guys have missed me abi?, admit it, I've missed you too. Its work o, School, jewelry making, sketching my designs, making money and living life in general. I finally stole some minutes to make this post. Enjoy it!

Kim and Kanye
Okay, I'll admit it … I am shocked and happy that Kim Kardashian and Kanye are STILL together. It's like everyday I read something about them, I'm surprised all over again. Unless they are giving us some bad ass photo ops, I think it's safe to say that these two are genuinely happy. And for some reason, I'm genuinely happy for them, too. Sometimes, we easily forget that these celebrities are just people, and they probably want what we all want: love, peace, joy, etc. In spite of my doubts, their relationship has lasted for more than her 72-day marriage. And speaking of her marriage …

As you know, Kim Kardarshian is pregnant for Kanye. However, according to the California State law, when a married woman has a baby, the baby's father's name is automatically listed as the woman's husband. In this case, that would be Kris Humphries. Kanye would have to get the baby's name changed legally. I don't know if Kris Humphries would have any kind of say in how (or if) this is done. But I wonder why their divorce is taking so long to be finalized?

In other news, did you know that when Kim Kardashian's pregnancy was made public, the sales of her sex tape with Ray J went up two hundred percent? Yeap, 200%. I don't know about you, but for me, all of a sudden, making and selling sex tapes is looking like a very profitable business venture.

And in other, other news, there is also an unconfirmed rumor that Beyonce and Jay Z will be the godparents of the Kimnye baby. I can see why/how Jay Z will be the god daddy, with him being Kanye's [best?] buddy and all.  But I don't know about Beyonce. I'm gonna have to call her up and ask her if she thinks she'll be the godmom.

And this, my people, is your daily Kimnye news that you mostly likely don't care about. You're welcome.

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