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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Very Sad: How adorable conjoined twins died at the National Hospital, Abuja

The twins

The conjoined twins who were born to Safiya Sani on January 3 at Mararaba Medical Centre, Mararaba Gurku in Nasarawa State have died.

The twins who were who were connected in the heart, down to the abdomen and the upper side of the intestines died at the National Hospital, Abuja where they were transferred to from Nasarawa.

Doctors, however, say they did not die during an operation to separate them.

According to the director, chief clinical services of the hospital, Dr. Obasi Ekumankama, the twins had not been separated before they died.

"The doctors carried out medical investigations and they were supposed to complete the investigation on Monday to know to what extent they were connected.

"You cannot operate on them until you know what you are going to do.

"The initial thing showed there were some connections in the heart and between the intestine the upper side of the intestine."

The twins reportedly died on Sunday when the medical investigation was still ongoing.

Th doctor said tests were carried out to determine if the twins also shared only a liver.

He added that if they had lived long enough, a team of seasoned experts would have been assembled to carry out the operation to separate them.

Their bodies have been deposited at the mortuary for autopsy.

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